Name[edit | edit source]

Hizkiel Jetbone Howl, Former Arcanist of the Scryers in the Netherstorm region

Arcanist Hazkiel Jetbone Howl in his clothings

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

A crooked, rotten frame, the first thing that catches your eyes is his clothing, which is bright blue set of Aldor Regalia, you also notice his weapon, a long one handed sword at his left hip side glowing brightly. His eyes are narrowed and with a bright yellow glow, and are slightly sparkling with his arcane powers, around his mouth is a huge burn looking mark, his flesh has been removed on that spot and is now showing cranium. Underneath his neck appears to be a black crooked Dark Iron Smoking Pipe attached to a ragged leather string

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Hazkiel has a fasinating hobby other than study his old schematics of Arcane Potency, he also spend his time with the art of a Goblin engineerist, Bombs, decoys and even teleporters. Most of these objects are mostly used for illusions and distraction of his enemies.

History[edit | edit source]

A cold breeze undertook Area52 in the southern part of Netherstorm, the manawyrms nearby was doing their daily breeding with their partners and the wraiths nearby was roaming calm. It was spring, eventhough it was hard to tell in Outlands, not to say in Netherstorm.

In Area52 there was a gathering, between the Scryers and the Aldor, the two opposite factions which mostly roamed within Shattrath City, but outside, it was slightly friendly towards eachother, but though they couldn't stand a sight of eachother, they couldn't run away from their sharing goal, to stop Kael'thas dominance, including his Nether energy tapping around in Netherstorm.

There was set a few brave warriors and mages from both the alliance and the horde to interfer with the work of Kael'thas, to obtain a powercore from a captain to be able to shut down the many manaforges, however this sounded like a simple plan, the manaforges was heavily guarded by sentries and scouts, not to mention their blood mages and knights.

It was a swift battle between the allied factions and they claimed quickly the powercore to be able to shut down one of the Manaforges, they succeeded, but as they though their great victory was granted, the Manaforge was set into self destruct feature, and would cause huge amount of mana particles, enough to mutate physical bodies and forcing them to smelt down to mutated creatures.

This sadly happened, and only a few survived, including Hizkiel Jetbone Howl, which was granted empowered arcane energies in this incident, eventhough it was very unstable and he was forced to leave Netherstorm, and find the great mages of Dalaran to aid with his curse. they couldn't cure his arcane empowerment, but they gave him an artifact which could supress the potency.

Still today, he's feared among the scryers and aldor, due this incident. not because of his cruelty, which he weren't but in fear for him to explode and take his allies with him to the Twisted Nether. He was forced never to go back to Outland.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Hizkiel is a very determented mage, he doensn't show sympathy nor emotions, and is almost without feelings in his face, if spoken to for a while in a good subject a crooked smile will appear. a realist, and a person which you want on your right side. he also disgrace Blood elves, mostly for their bahavior in Silvermoon City, eventhough he'll accept them if they're polite towards him.

He's primary talking Gutterspeak, but Orcish is only used at special occasions.

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