Honoria Dawnweaver (Lady Sergeant)



Family CrestEdit

The crest is marked with the Helm of a Crusader drapped in the Mantle of Detol. The shield is covered in a field of gules and once bore only the cross marking a proud Crusader family, but she has since divided the field with a black bar signifing the death of her father and her connection to the Scarlet Crusade and added a tigers head that signifies her fierceness and valor.

Physical TraitsEdit

Honoria stands 5’ 4” tall with blue eyes and pale golden hair pulled back in to a ponytail by sevral scarlet ribbons; she wears earrings pierced twice in the top of her ears on each side and carries Uther’s Strength and Ankh of Life in her pockets. The most notable thing one noticesis her signet.

During a recent campaign lead by Stormwind Commanders in the Western Plaguelands Honoria was injured when set upon by a small group of Skeletal Flayers the enemies managed to only subdue Honoria for a brief moment clutching at her eyes and managed to injure her right eye.

Since that time the Association of Gnome Enginners have bestowed upon her the Gift of a jeweled glass eye that sparkles blue.

Her skin is ashen coloured as it continues to feel the effects of the withdrawl of the Light and filling of the Shadow.

On her lower back is carved the Kal'Dorei herb symbol for 'Nightshade', her left bicep is marked with a half circle with four beams coming from a half risesn sun a fine line representing the earth has been cut below the mark with the letters 'ED' cut into the skin below it.

Honoria has replaced her Dragons Eye Amulet with a forged Truesilver choke collar.

Race and ClassEdit

Human / Shadow Knight (Former Paladin)


The Dark Embrace


Master Tailor; though she uses it to make her own garments, She is also a skilled Weapons and Tactical expert and Trauma Surgeon certified at Theramore Isle.


Father: Artuad Detol , (Lord) Lieutenant (served the Scarlet Crusade in Tyr’s Hand)

[Deceased]- Passed at Tyr's Hand with Daughter Honoria present at his bedside.

Mother: Katrina Detol nee. Radnor, Lady [Deceased]


Lacie 'Hope' Detol [Deceased]

Nymphadora Radnor - Half Sister (Daughter of Katrina Radnor and Warrenn Blaydon)

Spouse: Amy Redcross (Lady) ~ ‡Marriage Dissolved


Honoria was sent to Northshire Abbey after the death of her mother, where the religious order that keep the abbey were given strict instructions to train here in the ways of the Light and raise her to be a mighty Paladin. Several Seasons passed and the Brothers at the abbey determined that Honoria was ready to be sent to Lord Grayson, who would continue to instruct her to the present. Honoria has made various pilgrimages and fought with the Silverwing Sentinels at Warsong Gulch and carries the Rank of Sergeant of the Alliance, but she refuses to wear her insignia as she see it as not worth noting.

Family BackgroundEdit

Patriarch Lord Artuad Detol of Fenris Isle married Katrina Radnor of Lordaeron; together they had two daughters Honoria (eldest) and Lacie (youngest). Katrina was a victim of the plague that claimed many in Lordaeron, she passed while visiting relations in the city of Stratholme.

Artuad distraught turned to the Scarlet Crusade after her death and sent his children to Northshire Abbey for guidance and instruction in the ways of the Light so that they may join his side and fight the undead scourge together; however whilst Honoria followed the path her father wanted the youngest child Lacie renounced her title and turned to crime.

Lord Detol was sent on a lone patrol south of Stratholme where he sustained various injuries which he succumbed with Honoria at his bedside when he passed.

Personal NotesEdit

Honorias’ marriage to Amy Redcross was dissolved when she felt she could no longer be bound by the confines of the marriage that made her deeply unhappy.

A period of brooding anger and sadness over came Honoria in a wave as she tried to mask her own feelings from those around her.

Honoria came out of this when she was reunited with Ems Carpenter, her true love and Soul Mate; though Honoria was surprised at the reconciliation she was brought back in to happiness by knowing that they were together again.

Honoria is deeply devoted to Ems and does anything to make sure she is happy and safe; however she can be found studying dark texts and preparing rituals that will increase her Shadow powers for the final transformation into a Shadow Knight.

Honoria detol by he jin

Hejin's Impression of Honoria.

Current StatusEdit

Honoria has left Stormwind to live with Ems Carpenter together somewhere near the Northern Kingdoms leaving the trouble of her fall from the Light behind her for the happiness she has searched for.

Rumors that Honoria is connected to the Dark Embrace were confirmed and she has been ‘Embraced’ having her hearts desire fulfilled.

Honoria and Ems both asked for the same desire ‘To be one with power to vanquish all who stand in their path’; this was Granted them by ‘The Faith’ and they are now truly one soul separated by two bodies.

The closeness that they share is now more than physical, but deeper and stronger than any bond know to exist as they are a completed being together married in their One Soul.

The full effects of the bond are yet to be realized, but Honoria is content in the fact that she has found the one true love of her life and that she is sealed forever in happiness with her Soul mate.

Honoria still grieves for the failures of past relationships and worries about the actions that she has taken against former lovers, friends and siblings (even not those related by blood); however that is out weighed by the bliss and happiness she experiences with Ems Carpenter.

Honoria is currently spending time in the Scryer’s Tier in Shatt’rah City in Outland working for them and rekindling old family Alliances that were torn a part when the Blood Elves escaped after the time of the Frozen throne.

She can frequently be heard speaking in Thalassian, which is a more comfortable tongue for her.

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