Older historyEdit

The House of Blackshield was an ancient noble family, ruling over the southern Elwynn (later Duskwood) alongside the other nobles, like house Ebonlocke, house Millstipe and house Von'Indi. The house was based in Blackshield Manor, a large manor seated on the western hillside on the central mountainrange. The Manor was strongly defended, mostly due to a good location uphill and a good group of soldiers, loyal to house Blackshield. The power of the house was passed down from patriarch to patriarch through the generations.

Prior to and under the Second WarEdit

The darker times of southern Elwynn began as the most prominent members of the houses of nobility never returned from a party organised by the butler of Medivh, Moroes. That party was held in Medivh's tower, Karazhan. The current head of the house, Lord William Harl Blackshield didnt attend to the party, though, and thus lived. As the Orcish Horde invaded Azeroth, the manor and the residents were mysteriously spared from destruction and death. This was most probably because of that it was well defended, but lacked true strategic value or large treasure for the Horde.

After the Second WarEdit

As Stormwind was being rebuilt after the end of the Second War, the darkness crept into southern Elwynn. As worgen and Scourge appeared and the Plague was spread through the forests, refugees were allowed to take up residence in Blackshield Manor. The Manor was assaulted by a huge number of the undead, in the later parts of the period where southern Elwynn became Duskwood. All living inside the walls were killed, including the Blackshield family. The only survivors were Lady Ophelia Blackshield, Carlen Blackshield (Kaliv) and the youngest son in the family, William Blackshield Junior. The remaining family members fled to Redridge (northern Elwynn was unaccesible, due to plagued animals and hugely growing spiders roaming the area south of the river). Lady Ophelia was killed in an orcish raid on Lakeshire, where the family were staying. William was also presumed killed in his mother's embrace, but wasnt. The believed only surviving member of the Blackshield House was now Carlen Blackshield (who later was renamed Kaliv when his training as assasin started under the Blade Phantom). William was adopted and raised by a old pair, who didnt know who the orphan lying among the corpses was. He later on traveled to Stormwind, where he met Gina Summers, daughter of a cheese wendor. He later wed Gina and is now staying in Westfall, helping the People's Militia.

Current HistoryEdit

The House of Blackshield is believed extinct, and all the familymembers deceased. The records in Stormwind on the House say the same. The only living members are unaware of their heritage and live under other names.

Members of House BlackshieldEdit

Current MembersEdit

Lord Carlen Blackshield (Living as Kaliv)

William Blackshield Junior (Living as William MacGregor)

Deceased MembersEdit

Lord William Harl Blackshield

Lady Ophelia Blackshield

Veria Blackshield

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