About House Detol[edit | edit source]

The House of Detol is in exile from their lands in Tyr’s Hand after the death of the Patriarch Lord Lieutenant Artuad Detol of the Scarlet Crusade.

The House of Detol was founded when Knight Captain Roman Detol was given the warrant of nobility for his service the Alliance of Lordaeron.

Lord Roman Detol married Lady Emille Greystroke connecting the two families (creating a minor connection to the House of Alania)

The Detol family has had a proud history of serving the Alliance and also being members of the Silverhand, then changing allegiance to the Scarlet Crusade

Family Crest[edit | edit source]


The crest is marked with the Helm of a Crusader drapped in the Mantle of Detol. The shield is covered in a field of gules and once bore only the cross marking a proud Crusader family, but she has since divided the field with a black bar signifing the death of her father and her connection to the Scarlet Crusade and added a tigers head that signifies her fierceness and valor.

The Line of Detol[edit | edit source]


Members of House Detol[edit | edit source]

Lady Honoria Temperance Detol - Family Matriarch

Caitriona Morganna Detol - Cousin, family representative to the Assembly of Stormwind

Lacie Hope Detol - [Deceased]

Nymphadora Radnor

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