House Oakwarden was an elven noble house that lasted continuously throughout the Sundering, the founding of Quel'thalas, the Third War and the Cataclysm. With the loyal Suntalon bloodline as its protectors, the House accomplished great deeds throughout its time; both in the scholary world and that of the sword. Most of its bloodline are now sin'dorei. House Oakwarden heads The Suncrown Order through Lord Arramar Oakwarden.

History Of House Oakwarden[edit | edit source]

House Oakwarden's history is a deep and extensive one that reaches back over ten thousand years ago to the time of the ancient kaldorei civilisation and the reign of the higborne caste. Ruling lands in the central-southwesterly regions of the great landmass of Kalimdor, House Oakwarden was a wealthy and influencial noble family. Each generation was sworn to the protection of their realm from the primitive tauren, the savage furbolg, greedy earthen and vile trolls. But the less evident threats came from the political world as tempers clashed between the kaldorei and the seclusionist attitudes of the highborne. Dath'remar Sunstrider began an effort to unite many of the highborne in rebellion against Azshara for the dark deeds she had committed by bringing the Burning Legion to Azeroth. Lord Val'thalan, widely credited as the esteemed paragon and hero of House Oakwarden, slew the loyalist, Lethis Dusktalon, and jonied the rebellion as it burst from the palace of Zin-Azshari and joined the great host that marched on the Well of Eternity. Claiming victory, though at the cost of the Well of Eternity's destruction, the kaldorei found peace. House Dusktalon swore themselves to House Oakwarden as payment for the great misdeed of their lord. They renamed themselves Suntalon, in a small effort to cleanse themselves of the stain upon their line. Forever would that line strive to perfection and absoloute righteousness to atone for the treachery of ages past.

Short-lived as the peace was, it ended when the highborne struggled under the new laws of land forbidding the arcane under penalty of death. Swearing a judgement, Dath'remar Sunstrider led the highborne across the great sea to found their own kingdom; eventually leading to the creation of Quel'thalas. House Oakwarden, then under the guidance of Lord Denerith, was quick to recognise Dath'remar as the first king of Quel'thalas.

During the Troll Wars, Lord Theroth'arn Oakwarden participated in the human/high elf coalition's victory in driving the Amani from their great city of Tor'Watha. However, entangled in hidden political intrigue, Theroth'arn shamefully relinquished his power and prestige during the War's end, resulting in a blur in the history of the House. His eldest son Faroth'arn, who was interested in sorcery and study rather than politics, followed his father's example. Theroth'arn's second son, Galath'arn, did no such thing himself however, and retained his own wealth and title. After his death during the Scourge advance upon the Sunwell, Galath'arn's first son would take up his position as the head of House Oakwarden.

It was later discovered by Arramar Oakwarden that history was not quite as it was percieved to be. Pouring over ancient records in the ruins of Eldre'thalas, he found conflicting sources relating to the incident involving House Oakwarden in the rebellion against Azshara. Official scribes documented Lord Val'thalan's valiant duel against the treacherous Lord Lethis of House Dusktalon, who had chosen to side with Azshara. However, from Val'thalan's own personal scribe's journal, a different story was told. Lethis had been one of the main instigators of the rebellion alongside Dath'remar, and had been attempting for several days to sway Val'thalan to join them. He refused and slew Lethis for his betrayal. The rebels discovered this and mistakenly believed Lethis had sold them out, after hearing the end of their despute and the invocation of Azshara's name. Unwilling to engage so many rebels, Val'thalan supported their belief and demanded that the remainder of House Dusktalon pledge themselves to him. Before he himself could sell the rebels out, the war had effectively began to end as Dath'remar lead the highborne rebellion from Zin-Azshari to join with the kaldorei host.

Arramar later burned the journal to rid anyone else of the knowledge he had learned.

Blood Lineage Of House Oakwarden[edit | edit source]

Kaldorei[edit | edit source]

Lord Val'thalan Oakwarden:

- Regarded as a paragon figure and the earliest ancestral Oakwarden found in records. Led the highborne Oakwarden in joining Dath'remar's rebellion against Azshara.

Lord Denerith Oakwarden:

- Only child of Val'thalan. Seen as one of the first lords to recognise Dath'remar as the first king of Quel'Thalas. Original bearer of Belore'melorn.

Quel'dorei[edit | edit source]

Lord Anathoriel Oakwarden:

- .

Lady Lilyana Oakwarden:

- First child of Anathoriel.

Tethlisian Oakwarden:

- Second child of Anathoriel. Slain in the precursor raiding before the Troll Wars.

Lord Theroth'arn Oakwarden:

- Only child of Lilyana. Renowned hero of the Troll Wars. Relinquished his noble status after a shameful and unrecorded escapade.

Sin'dorei[edit | edit source]

Faroth'arn Oakwarden:

- First child of Theroth'arn. Current eldest living Oakwarden. Relinquished his noble status alongside his father. No descendents.

Lord Galath'arn Oakwarden:

- Second child of Theroth'arn. Sired five children before his death during Arthas' invasion of Quel'Thalas.

Lord Arramar Oakwarden:

Lord Arramar Oakwarden

- First child of Galath'arn. Current head of the house and patriarch of the Suncrown Order.

Ashniel Oakwarden:

- Second child of Galath'arn.

Tyrith Oakwarden:

- Third child of Galath'arn. Slain during Arthas' invasion of Quel'Thalas.

Verdyn Oakwarden:

- Fourth child of Galath'arn. Succumbed to his magical addiction and organised fellow Wretched to loot and pillage. Eventually slain by Arramar.

Arric Oakwarden:

- Fifth child of Galath'arn. Father of Arris.

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