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Ravenwind is remarkable in not being especially remarkable. They didn't suffer great losses during the third war (though many members, including Celorfir Ravenwind gave their lives in the battle at Mount Hyjal). The family takes its name from the ruined city of Ravenwind where the family originated.

Ravenwind is one of the elven families that are most open to other races. Through the carefully applied influence of Anyviel, the members of the family see the alliance between the Night Elves and the Dwarves, Humans, Gnomes and Dranei as the only way forward for the house and the elven race as a whole. Since the loss of elven immortality, the family feels the need to learn something of the drive and zeal of the other races in order to cope with their now limited lifespans.

The greatest tragedy to befall House Ravenwind in recent times is the death of Norbrimbor by the hands of an unknown assassin. Since his murder Anyviel has made herself scarce. The young Nouala Irendue has been the defacto matriarch of the Ravenwind family since her mothers self-imposed seclusion.

Family Crest Edit


A Raven Passant Sable on a field Vert on a Shield Per Chevron Embattled with wings Or

Notable Members of the Ravenwind family Edit

Nouala Irendue Ravenwind House Leader
Angabor Taralamoth Spymaster
Azoozel Kiya Mordrayne Witch (Alt for Nouala)
Vinyatauriel Everleen Araniel Hunter
Maegtincoiel Druid
Maradith Nightsong Warrior

Deceased Family Members Edit

Celorfir Ravenwind †13. June 25 Fell at the battle of Mount Hyjal
Norbrimbor Ravenwind †24. October 29 Murdered by an unknown assassin
Anyviel Ravenwind †31. March 30 Killed by Nouala and Blueleaff aided by Feathermoons Sentinels

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What is Ravenwind? Edit

Ravenwind is not a guild (but it may become one if we get enough people), but a Role-Playing group of friends affiliated to an elven family of Darnassus. Characters can eighter become members of the family or affiliates of it.

Note about Kaldorei families Edit

"Night Elf families are loose-knit and tribal despite their civilization. Your birth family is not as important as the family you adopt yourself in. Entire communities raise their children together, forming long lasting bonds, until everyone is related in spirit to everyone else. Night elves also do not traditionally marry, but they do take companions for life."
Quote from World of Warcraft: The Alliance Player's Guide.

Where do you play?Edit

On the European server Steamwheedle Cartel.

How can I join?Edit

That's easy! Just introduce your character. There will be an IC interview, so be sure to prepare an IC reason why you want to join. After a successful interview, you will recieve an IC and OOC introduction to the community.

Contact Nouala in-game to start the interview process.

I'm a Human/Dwarf/Gnome/Dranei, can I join?Edit

Absolutely! Ravenwind welcomes anyone regardless of race or gender. The only thing that matters, is your ability to Role-play your character.

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Redemptio Coronae

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None declared.

/Nouala 07:58, April 29, 2011 (UTC)

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