The House of Stonewatch is a noble house of Redridge, led by Lord William Stonewatch.

Stonewatch Crest

The crest of the House of Stonewatch is a red shield with three deer, representing the hunting traditions of the family. The red and white are the family colours, and the motto means Courage, Glory, Reward.


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A long time ago, before the founding of Arathor, a traveller came from the North to what would become Thoradin's kingdom, bring with him a small guard. The stranger's name was Harold, and he won great fame and reward with the Arathi for killing Klarr, a huge yeti that had preyed on the Arathi's lands (I'll make an RPstory at some point about it). The then chieftain of the Arathi, Leofric (Thoradin's grandfather), rewarded him and made him a leader of the tribe. When Thoradin founded Strom, or Stromgarde as it has become known, he appointed Harold's son Edgar to command the guard. After the kingdom of Arathor dissolved, and the Arathi went to Elwynn, the family went to Redridge. Ever since the people of Arathor migrated southwards to found the Kingdom of Stormwind, the House of Stonewatch had lived in Stonewatch Keep, the feudal lords of the Redridge Mountains, or the bit that remains since the Dark Iron Dwarves unleashed Ragnaros.

During the Third War, Lord Thomas Stonewatch served in the army as a commander, as did his elder son Matthew. They were both killed by the Horde and the younger son, Charles, inherited the keep and family fortunes. Charles had three sons and a daughter, ((you can change this if you want to become a member of the House of Stonewatch)) William, Oliver, Matthias, and Elisabeth. William and Oliver, the eldest sons, were sent to Stormwind to learn more from the other noble houses of the kingdom. While they were in Stormwind, the Blackrock orcs attacked Stonewatch Keep, and killed all the other members of the House of Stonewatch. To date, William and Oliver are the only surviving member of the House of Stonewatch, and have little money compared to their ancestors. William is currently in the service of SI:7 and Oliver is a Knight of Stormwind.


Most people of the House Stonewatch have similar appearance: tall with blonde hair quite pale skin as befits a family with origins in the far north. However, so much time has passed since the time of Harold that they now occasionally have brown or even black hair.


The House of Stonewatch is a small RP group with only one member at the moment (me, Eordan/William because Oliver is my alt). Well, I say that... it's not an RP group it's me. But if you want to join, or link it to your family, feel free to do that! Either mail or whisper me in game, or put it on the talk page here or on Eordan, my main's page.

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