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House Overview.[edit | edit source]

House Thalon-Prichard was once a large noble family of wealthy land owners within the eastern borders of the Kingdom of Stormwind. Through the union of the two existing noble houses both Thalon and Prichard the Thalon-Prichard house obtained the honourable title of Earl of the Eastern Banks. Today however their lands have been heavily reduced through war, revolts, corruption and debts but still hold their title and a voice within the Royal Court. A very private family at best they strive for justice to all men as they rule over their lands with pride but with fairness.

Early Years[edit | edit source]

Although not fully understood it is believed that the Thalon family decended from northern tribes in the Arathi region as early records show evidence of early settlers making home in the forests from the north. There is less detail on the Prichard family but as both families live in the same vicinity they could have descended from the same or a similar tribe.

The Two Houses[edit | edit source]

In the early years the eastern borders of Stormwind were ruled by two noble families, the Thalons who held residence in the Eastvale area of Elwynn forest and the Prichards who owned land south of the river in Southern Elwynn (the area now know as Duskwood). Both families always had a strong alliance and would trade in resources. The Thalons found their wealth through farming and argiculture, the many acres of land they owned was rich allowing them to grow crops for the kingdom. The Prichards, who lived along the river, supplied fish to the people.

The records of the Traven family relate to a Sir Willhelm the Taloner, so named for the eagle chosen as his emblem. The bird would be later used as the family crest. It is understood that Willhelm served as part of the Kings royal guard and was a trusted advisor. For their services the family was given more land and is understood that various lords and ladies married into the royal bloodline.

The first recording of the Prichards was discovered in a short story found in the Stormwind Library with a tale of a young gentleman who seeked the favour of a duchess. By doing so he hunted for many weeks a mighty stag the size and beauty was only told by legend. The young man suceeded and presented the head of the beast, the duchess was thrilled with the mans efforts she granted him his favour and also married him. The duchess was named once as Marie-Anne Wrynn, a sister of the King. Though no name was given in the story the duchess speaks of a "Master Prichard, I shall grant thee your wish". The true name has never been discovered but the family simply name their ancestor Master Prichard the 1st.

A Prosperous Union[edit | edit source]

As both families influences and land grew they both began working much closer together as well with their other allies the Withamhall and Senate houses. The wealth of all four houses became vast and the Kingdom as a whole flourished. The Thalon and Prichard bond was strengthened as the families united when Earl Jameus Thalon and Duchess Adalberta Prichard wed, thus the Thalon-Prichard house was born. The Thalon-Prichards now owned the majority of the eastern border of the Kingdom running from the base of the west Redridge Mountains to the countryside of Southern Elwynn. To signify their union, and power, the Thalon-Prichards built Ridgepoint Castle close to the Three Corner mark. With the wealth generated from their assets and the status of their power with their newly erected bastion the Thalon-Prichards enjoyed a long period of peace and prosperity.

The First War[edit | edit source]

The peace was not to last however, when the Orcish Horde began their invasion of the human lands the Thalon-Prichard did their duty in helping with the defences of the Kingdom. They formed the Ridgepoint Guard who would defend the eastern borders from attack. The first assault by the Horde was successfully beaten back however the victory was short lived as the the Orcs returned with an even firecer attack. The Thalon-Prichards rallied their guard to Ridgepoint Castle where they gave a strong defence against their attackers. The castles walls and defences however were not enough and the fortress was completely destroyed along with the current head of the family, Lord Trevas Thalon_Prichard. The survivors fled to sanctuaries in the north and it wouldn't be until the end of the Second War that the family would return to their homeland.

Massacres and Revolts.[edit | edit source]

After the second war the Thalon-Prichards returned to their homeland and rebuilt from the ashes. The effects of the First War had depleted most of the families funds and it would take years for them to return themselves to their former glory. With their castle utterly sacked the family accepted that they couldn't afford to have it rebuilt, in it's place a tower was errected for the remnants of the Ridgepoint guard to watch over the lands. Amazingly the old ancestral home of the Prichards, Stagheart Manor still stood after the war, the family took residence here until a larger home was built further north, Eastvale Manor.

Funds for the new family home were low and the current head, Lord Antonia Thalon-Prichard had no choice but to raise taxes. As the people were still suffering from the wars there was revolts against the family. Although the uprisings were minor protests which were quickly quelled the family still maintained order. However further to the south in Stagheart things were not as peaceful. Stagheart had become the home of the Lords siblings but the surrounding forests were slowly becoming darker. Foul creatures were rumoured to stalk the countryside and the people demanded protection. With the revolts in the north closer to his own home, Lord Antonia ignored the pleas. One evening however while the Lords brother, Sirius and his family slept a mob of angry protesters raided Stagheart manor. They brutally murdered the family and pillaged the home before burning it to the ground. Seeing that corruption had fallen Southern Elwynn the Thalon-Prichards abandoned the lands to the darkness.

The uprisings however still continued in the north and to fund the running of the lands the Thalon-Prichards eventually sold acres of woodland in the north to the lumber mills.

Current Day[edit | edit source]

The Thalon-Prichard estate is a quarter of it's former glory. The lands south of the river are now completely lost in the area now known as Duskwood as well as the woodland north of Ridgepoint which has been sold to pay for the families debts. Only Eastvale Manor remains as well as a number of farms which are these days often raided by the Defias Brotherhood. Ridgepoint Tower also remains but has now been commandeered by the Stormwind military as well as the Ridgepoint Guard. Though their land has been seriously reduced they still hold some funds from the sales of their estate. The current head of the family is Lord Traven Thalon Prichard II who took over the house after the death of his father. The family still remain loyal to Stormwind but have become distant and cold over the last couple of years and strong alliances with the Withamhall family for example are now considered frosty at best.

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