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The story of House TieberonEdit

The first Tieberon was Lord Crael Tieberon I, brother to King Llane Wrynn. As the second son of the King, he was not entitled to the throne. As ill tempered as he was, Crael decided to sever his bond with the House of Wrynn, and become a Lord - rather than a discarded prince. He took the name of Tieberon - after his former mentor. He traveled west out of Elwynn, and took residence in Westfall. Still having a large sum of gold and his noble title, he hired peasants and craftsmen to build a grand estate on the Gold Coast. A few years later, his new home was finished. Crael was a nobleman with the mind of a merchant and the heart of gryphon. He saw much potential in this bleak landscape, and immediately commenced several projects to improve the community and weighten his goldsack.

His first goal was to supply the area with a steady food production to enable expansion of the population. He offered gold to local peasants as well as people in Elwynn and Redridge, to build farms in the area in exchange for a monthly tribute. Not long after 4 families volunteered to run farms. Once these farms were up and running he dove into the next project. His personal advisor (a dwarf) had told him that his instinct told him that there were precious ores in the area, and thus he set out to find these veins of ore. He build the Jangolode Mine and dug out a quarry on the coast, and mining operations thrived. The population was blooming and new homes was needed. Again, Crael offered his wealth in return of a steady income. He founded the town of Moonbrook in southern Westfall, to create an epicenter for the community of Westfall. He was offered the position of Mayor of Moonbrook, but refused, as he didnt concider himself a leader.

It was here in Moonbrook he met the love of his life. Rielle Raynor was her name. She was the daughter of the overseer at the Jangolode Mine. When he first saw her, he knew that the two was destined to become one. Three years later, they married and had two sons - Crael and Drenn. Years passed and Westfall flourished. At a young age, both the sons of Crael I took a deep interest in the Holy Light, and went to Stormwind to study the ways of the Light. Crael being more of a pacifist chose the path of priesthood, with a focus in healing. Drenn the brawling brother became a paladin. Drenn did not feel at peace in theoretical studies and wanted to get out into the world and study in a more "practical" way. The church did not heed his appeal, and thus Drenn chose to leave the studies prematurely. He traveled back to Westfall to seek the life he yearned for. He joined the Moonbrook Council and later became Mayor of Moonbrook.

Tieberon bloodline

The Tieberon Bloodline.

As the armies of Stormwind started to dwindle, and the Defias Gang grew in popularity and numbers, he foresaw the need of a militia to defend Westfall. He founded The People's Militia, and appointed Gryan Stoutmantle - a local hunter - head of the militia. A tower was constructed on a hill east of Moonbrook, and the hill was thus name Sentinel Hill and was the home of the People's Militia. But the empowering of the population was not enough. The Defias Gang grew in power and ultimately overtook the town of Moonbrook and claimed it their own. Drenn was furious, and wanted revenge. He knew the only way he could achieve this was by returning to the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind and continue his training in the path of retribution. The militia had been severely weakened, and could no longer hold up against the Defias, and many of the farms and mines fell into their hands. And one grim day, the Defias had set their eye on The Tieberon Estate. They attacked relentlessly and burned the estate to the ground. Rielle was crucified outside the burning estate, and Crael I was never found - but presumed dead. Only the two sons in Stormwind was left of the Tieberon Bloodline.

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