House Vardus is a small house from the northern lands, which used to have connections to a crime syndicate.


During the time of the seven kingdoms, the mage Bernard Vardus was given a minor estate just outside the citystate of Alterac. While the reason seemed rather random, it's rumored that the founding father had knowledge about the Perenolde-family being involved in less then legal affairs, knowledge which would ruin the family's name. Over time, the city of Strahnbad was given and Bernard Vardus was proclaimed Baron, in order to keep the silence. Ofcourse, it didn't last, as the secret of the Syndicate of Alterac under leadership of Perenolde became more and more common knowledge.

After the second war, the Alliance came and lay Alterac in shambles. Strahnbad suffered in its path as well. It's after this that the Vardus' line turned to more organized crime itself. With the remaining human survivors in disarray and discontent, the unhappy and selfish only strengthened the Syndicate together. With the city of Alterac itself being taken over by ogres, Lord Perenolde reclaimed possession of Strahnbad with his rogue army. This started a new era for House Vardus: One of illegitemate survival, yet mostly in secrecy.

Abroad however, the Baron title was still honored, and trade agreements with Stormwind were formed regarding the cold stones from Alterac. During one such visits by Emile Vardus and his only son Bel, he returned home changed, and with a seemingly different son. The Baron's wife committed suicide several years later, after which Emile quickly remarried. His only son was raised and being well educated.

At the peak of the Syndicate's power, the ties of House Vardus with this crime organization became more and more apparent. Locals and magistrates of nearby Southshore even went as far as eliciting bounties against the baron, yet the Syndicate claimed more and more foothold, even reaching as far as Stromgarde.

This all changed rather suddenly 3 years ago, when Baron Emile Vardus went missing. Several months later the prodigal son was recognized by the family, and secretly by the Syndicate as well, as the knew master of House Vardus. Baron Bel Vardus made quick and immediate work of his persuasive charms to make away with all rumors about ties with criminal organizations, clearing House Vardus of its name. Leaving soon after for diplomatic missions in Stormwind.


Strahnbad and the Uplands.


  • Baron Emile Vardus (deceased) - The patriarch of House Vardus, and known leader of the Syndicate. The man has gone missing and is presumed dead. (But is still available for the quest ofcourse)
  • Synthia Vardus - Wife of Emile, taking residence in the uplands to precide over local legal affairs.
  • Baron Bel Vardus - The adopted son of Emile Vardus, who has claimed the title of the house after Emile's absence. As far as is known, none objected.

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