Guild NameEdit

House Von Osternmark

Family BackgroundEdit

The Von Ostermark is an old family, when the family had truely come to call itself a house of nobility is knowledge lost in time. There was never anything special about its family, it was a simple house of nobles with its fair share of servants and guards that defended the heirs and family members with loyalty and bravery. The guild has allways been one prefering the company of Humans, and thus the guards and servants within the family in the past have allways been of Human blood. Many accused the family of being racists in down right refusing anyone not Human who seeked to become emploted by the family, however such accusations were false and proven so by the charity the Von Osternmark family supplied to the -less fortunate- regardless of race.

The source of the family's income had allways been a mystery, many presumed they secretly had a tight control of Andorhal's incoming and outgoing trade whilst others speculated that the stores within the town were under Von Osternmark hire. Amongst these rumours were accusations, many accused the family of having ties to bandits and criminals, accusing them of making deals and exchanges of money in return for arms and supplies. However, the truth behind the Von Osternmark's income was never truely revealed, and remains a mystery that is only public knowledge to the last remaining blood-member of the family. Lord Davius.

Current Family StatusEdit

The Von Osternmark family is torn, fractured. The majority of the members were slain by the Scourge and most of those killed were risen as Undead minions of the Lich King. To this day only a handful of the Von Osternmark's remain, scatterd across Azeroth. Recently however, one of the members of the family has come forth. Lord Davius, a Death Knight free of the Lich King's grasp like those of the Ebon Blade, has come forth to claim the title of Lord of the Von Osternmark family and its wealth. For now however the Von Osternmark family will remain in its tattered self, Davius havin certain matters he intends to deal with before he proceeds to expand the family and employ guards and servants to replace those lost to the Scourge.

Guild TypeEdit

Mature Heavy-RP Guild


The following are rules you must follow when being a member of House Von Osternmark. To make sure they are followed, a two strike/warning system will be introduced. Basicly, you get two strikes/warnings, and if you proceed to break a third rule you are removed from the guild:

1 - Bad language, keep it to a minimum.

2 - Maturity, sure you can have fun..but do so resposibly.

3 - Meta-Gaming and Power-Emoting is just simply banned.

4 - Racism and Sexism is somthing that will NOT be accepted. This rule will be strictly enforced! You will not receive a strike/warning, you will simply be banned and a GM ticket will be opened.

5 - No OOC fightng between members, take it elsewhere.

6 - No spam!

7 - If you have the ability to add members to the guild, be sure they are properly interviewed.

8 - Have fun, or no pie for you!!


We accept begineers to RP aslong as they still follow the rules word for word.

No level recquirement.

All races accepted. (Only Humans can become Heirs or Family Members)

Activity, don't just join and never log.

Recruitment StatusEdit

Currently not recruiting.

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