Lead by Knight-Captain Rhelan Arion Falconcrest, the House of Falconcrest is a private guild for "honorable mercernaries". Knight-Captain Falconcrest manages to pay all of the regiment's fees with the riches of his deceased father, Lord Falconcrest, responsible for all operations of the Syndicate in Hillsbrad. Rhelan wishes to continue from his father's deeds in a more holy way - repenting to the Light soon after understanding the background of his dead father.

Currently owns the Ironwing, the pub in The Dwarven District.

For applications, please send an IC letter to 'Rhelan' (SWC Alliance) stating your characters: IC full name IC background IC class/profession What your character could contribute to HoFC.

Ranking system:

Private (Pvt) - Recently recruited, but awarded a first mark. In time, hopefully these will develop to a Corporal.

Corporal (Cpl) - A time after being recruited, hopefully settling in to House of Falconcrest.

Sergeant (Sgt.) - A respected, loyal member of the House.

Sergeant Major (Sgt.Mjr) - A step more advanced than the Sergeant.

Lieutenant (Lt.) - The most respected rank in the charts, beside the Knight-Captain himself.

Chancellor - The Chancellor depicts all of the Knight-Captain's orders to the front line and is in charge of the Guild Libary. (3rd tab)

Knight Captain (Kn.C) - The leader and founder of the House of Falconcrest. By far the most powerful and knowledgeable of the House.

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