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Introduction Edit

The House of Goldmane is an ancient family dating back thousands of years.The family is a proud one with a mixture of Elven and Human members,therefore the family has a large magical ability.The family were forced to evacuate during the First War and rebuild in the aftermath. The family does help the war effort by allowing Stormwinds soldiers to rest within there lands and letting the Stormwind cavalry use there stables when needed ,the Goldmane Family also sends The Goldmane Crusade to far off places when the need arises,or just to help the war effort.The family owns an impressive amount of land stretching from Azora right to the borderlands of Elwynn to the east.

The Land Edit

The land of Goldmane is a lush land filled with copper and silver ore deposits and many spicies of flora , The land may look loving and tranquil but is filled with danger with Murlocs inhabiting the nereby river banks and lake beds and defise moving about the forests , Wolves also make the lands of Goldmane their home in the surrounding burrows and caves.


The land currently owned by the family.



Goldmane Tree

What is known about the Family.

During The War of the Ancients the House of Goldmane was created .The Family wasn't very big at the time but soon grew , this information was taken from a very old Scroll found in a Safe near Eastvale.

The actual family tree records were burnt in a fire started by a maid who gladly burnt too. This lead to new records being created but these to were burnt , this time by an uncareful butler.

From there;

Lord Falonar Goldmane who was 5209(In the year -9,509)had lived a happy life and married a Human named Holly, they had a child who was named Duncan in that same year who was a Half Elf.

Duncan soon grew up and married Elizabeth at the age of 5200 (Middle Age In High Elven Years) , they soon after had a child, Gordon, and lived happily.

Gordon grew to 25 and had a son, John, with his beloved wife Emma , she sadly died in labour. At 55 Gordon died, making his son the heir, John(The Son)lived a rich life,he married an Elf name Varona at the age of 38 ,they had a son Rhonos who lived to be a grand age.

Rhonos married Sharley Justinsin when he was 25, and had a child named Denturus in the year -30. 10 years later the two had another child named Raynold. The sons grew wealthy and strong together, both following path of Holyness. The four went to Stormwind and were evacuated after hearing the orcs were coming, Patsy, the servent came too. 4 years later Rhonos and Sharley had another child named Tranton, who was a Mage and was watched with great interest befor taken to Azora at the age of 5. Rhonos and Sharley died 10 years due to a disease leaving Denturus a Lord, Tranton an Archmage and Raynold a Stormwind Army Detachment Leftenant. The Third war then came and Raynold went and never returned, becoming a Lieutenant of Mogarine and spliting with the rest of Ebon Blade Death Knights.

19 years ago Rohn was born to Denturus and Sylvanor, but Sylvanor sadly died in Childbirth due to Defias poisoning , This lead to Rohn becomming depressed and a large amount of the Defias being killed.


  • Workers-As the lowest ranking members of the family within this rank bracket will be required to follow senior family members' orders and carring out chores
  • Scouts-Are leather users that guard the lands of Goldmane and live amongst the Goldmane Family
  • Guards-Are Mail and/or Plate users that protect the lands of Goldmane along with the Goldmane Scouts , they also watch over the Family and keep there Companions from harms way. Some Guards will also be able to give you directions depending on there knowlage on the lands of Goldmane.
  • Scout Captains-Lead the Leather wearers of the Family and discusse plans with Lord Denturus
  • Guard Captain-This Man/Woman leads the Family's Mail and/or Plate wearers and Armed Forces , Telling The Scouts where to scout and Telling the Guards where to Guard and Patrol , They will also discusse plans with Lord Denturus (The Guard Captain shares the same rank of authority and importance as both "Scout Captains" but has the ability to change the "Scout Captains" plans with the permission of Lord Denturus, This Permission is rarely given as Lord Denturus has much faith in his "Scout Captains" abilities to Plan and act against and arising problems)
  • Family Members- Family members(Blood related or through marrige)will be given this rank whenever they choose to join the guild , they will act as none combat officers but will be able to give suggestions in the War Room if the event of All out War is declared.

((You can choose to join the Family through Marrige in game by sending an OOC letter requesting an Invitation to either "Raynold" or "Denturus" . Once we have chosen weather or not to accept the invitation we will create a story for you on Steamweedle wiki , we will then ask you to read through it and chose weather or not you're happy with your characters background story(You will be able to request a new story made if you are not happy with you're current one before joining the guild , once you've joined the guild you will not be allowed to change you're characters background story as it would ruin the family's aspects of roleplaying).))

  • Lord-Currently Lord Denturus , The Lord Rules over the Goldmane Family and can do almost anything whenever he wants , he demands respect and strictly follows family traditions. His Rank may lead lower ranking members to belive that he is a distasteful character with no care for anyone but himself , this is quite the opposite , the lord is a former follower of the light which means that he is a kindhearted soul who would gladly put his life on the line to protect his Family and followers.

Reputation (GHI & GH Reputation)Edit

There Are Many Reasons to gain Reputation with "The Goldmane Family" , some of the reasons being Respect from the Family , Rewards from the Family and Help from the Family.

House of Goldmane Reputation

Family Members (Wikified Members)Edit

Lord Denturus Goldmane-Lord
Archmage Tranton Goldmane-Brother
Knight Raynold Goldmane-Brother
Master Rohn Goldmane-Denturus' Son

OOC InfoEdit

Started by 4 RL Friends hoping the create a relativly cool RP guild that will take part in (Hopefully) Succesful RP events and hold RP Based Meetings , Ofcourse we will be doing other RP Based things aswell , whenever the need arises.


To join you must have decent knowlage on how to RP (E.g , No OOC chat unless bracketed etc) , and be a relativaly active player. (No Level Requirements as of yet)

House of Goldmane

((more to come))

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