Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Ravenhill family were Viscounts of Grand Hamlet until the outbreak of the first war. The entire history of the family was lost during the war, as was the family manor house at Grand Hamlet.

After the first war, the family fled from the undead in the destroyed town, now renamed Raven Hill after the family members who had perished there.

The family has experienced a renaissance lately, with Viscount Ebonhart Ravenhill arriving in Stormwind with identifying documents and family treasures, demanding his due titles and privileges.

Coat of Arms[edit | edit source]

Shows the Ravenhill Family Crest, a double headed raven rampant, crowned with a Viscount's circlet on a white classic shield. Embellished with Red and Gold flowing mantelling, the enobled helm was awarded to the family crest for services to the royal family.

Motto: Secretum et Potens.


Living Members of House Grand Hamlet[edit | edit source]

Ebonhart Terenas Ravenhill, Viscount of the House of Grand Hamlet

Lord Terenas Henrun Ebonlocke of Ravenhill, Viscount of the House of Grand Hamlet. His ghost haunts Karazhan.

  • "This party is pointless. Those foolish nobles will never get to see Medivh. Can't they see this? I should have just stayed in Darkshire with my family instead of wasting my time here."

Lord Ello Ebonlocke of Darkshire.

The Hon. Athea Ebonlocke of Duskwood, Commander of the Darkshire Night Watch

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