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House of HenderthaneEdit

House of Henderthane is a formerly large house, which is located in the mountainous ranges north of Stormwind. Bordering on the unclaimed mountains, and dwarven lands. The House has lost some of it's former high standing due to marriges with merchant families, to prevent the family wealth from decreasing in times of misfortune.


The house bearing the name Henderthane orginated seven centuries before the First War. The documents preserved states that the family were originally a wealthier merchant household that attained the nobility from prestigous deeds in favour of the current regent of Stormwind.

The exact deed the house performed has been lost in the paths of time, yet the pride of it is not forgotten. A common statement from the family members about the deed is "The brotherhood of horses were a few horses short one year." or "Ask the "goody" Withamhall" to make people drop the subject.

Six centuries before the First War, "" had a few valleys located north of the capital surveyed by dwarven miners, to locate a fine seat, to progress the family's power and wealth. A valley close to the sea yielded a good climate and the mining opportunities. Salt, alchemical minerals and some lesser gems.

For the first century they had settled in, the family progressed its wealth by mining and keeping a monopoly on alchemical minerals processed within their mine. Within the upcoming centuries, the mining would change further into salt mining, with a labour of "willing" people. All from their own farmers, to criminals from other nobles areas, they did not want.

Eventually the First War would arrive, yet the mine and estate would remain largely unharmed, due to the remote location. This does not acount for a occasional small raiding party, but the Horde itself did not progress to the valley.

Family friends and enemiesEdit

The house of Henderthane currently holds some century old grudge against Withamhall, and have yet not shown any sign of letting it go.

Current StatusEdit

The noble house of Henderthane, is currently lead by the young Percival Henderthane, after the unfortunate demise of his uncle, Kallistrade Henderthane.


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