The Xzan family dates back over three hundred years to Lord John Fredric Xzan and Lady Victoria Jane Xzan of whom was once a Gutteridge. Lord John Xzan was a rather keen gambler and over the years he ran the family fortunes down to the ground. The sitiuation was so serious he had to sell off all Xzan assits to pay back the people he owed. Pennyless and broke the Xzan's found a small house in which they raised a single son called Fredric Alexander John Xzan. Fredric Xzan married Alexandra Juila Otterstark along with her son Richard Charles Otterstark whom she had previously with a unknown person. They also had a son called Desamus Jordan Xzan who carried on the Xzan name from his father. He married Elenor Grace Perryton Von Bach who was a real devil in sheep's clothing. She grew tired of the poorness of the Xzan family and decided to take matters into her own hands. She never adored the Xzan name and neither did her daugther Katelyn Kara Perryton Von Bach who was offically born Katelyn Kara Xzan. They also had a son Desamus Jordan Xzan Jr who later became Desamus Jordan Xzan the Second.

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Richard was raised by the pair and regarded Fredric as his father, and to honour this he used both surnames and the Otterstack-Xzan name was born.

Family Members (Alive)Edit

Of the Xzan's

  • Desamus Jordan Xzan IV

Carlous James Xzan Greg

  • James Xzan


  • Jane Xzan

William Kirk Xzan

Of the Otterstark-Xzan's

  • Elizabeth Martha Otterstark-Xzan

Elinor Rose Otterstark-Xzan

Montgomery Otterstark-Xzan

Christopher Otterstark-Xzan

Collette Otterstark-Xzan

Mary Otterstark-Xzan

Of the Perryton Von Bach's

  • Alexander George Perryton Von Bach II

Elenor Rose Perryton Von Bach


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