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City of ??????????? 8 o'clock at nightEdit

A man stood in an allyway rain pouring from the sky. a lighter clicking on showed a green uniform and a brown and battered leather hat through the darkness. Hymm vaugly remembered being here before. a long time ago. seemingly with out his bidding his legs moved further down the allyway. a knife skittered off his brestplate and Hymm reached out mechanicly and grabed the knifeman by his throat. "Name." he stated. the man at the end of his arm gargled but just audibly said "Billy the stoat" Hymm laughed a little "come back to the station with me."

Hymm pulled the man in through the door."Greg! we have a visator" Hymm giggled as a oldish loking man peered round a corner "So captain we have a raincrimer? silly bugger out in the rain. no one to mug cept us watchmen.". the man wimperd as he was shoved into a chair. "Hymm grined "now....ill reduce your prison time if you haqve any usefull stuf to say" The man wimpered in fear 2Dint know it was you captin sir....but i knows where the river murderer is." Hymm looked at greg. "Well its your lucky day....tell me and well forget that you tried to knife me."

Hymm kicked the door open it splintered off its lock. a man jumped up from a table scrrableing for a dagger. "move and you become a wal hanging." Hymm said pointing his crossbow at the man. The man stood silent. "Well wheres your fresh batch? i know you murder one every night." The mans face in darkness nodded to a door Hymm moved over to it and wrenched it open. Two bodies fell out the cuboard one in gold armour the other in red. "What in uthers name?" Hymm said turning both over with his foot. Louises face and tabathas stared at him with glassy eyes. "No....No...No! What in Uthers name!" Hymm stood stunned staring at the lifeless bodies before a shadow bolt took the crossbow from his hands. Hymm turned surprise on his face as Ormsby steeped out of the darkness covering his face, "We all die edward.......Now its time for you to do so." Ormsby carged another bolt in his hands as Hymm grabed a Short sword from his belt Hymm threw the sword at ormsby as the shadow bolt left his hands both colided exploding. a glowing white blade appered in Hymm's outstretched hand. "what the..." another figure lept from the doorway tackleing ormsby "Eddie RUN!" another orsmsby began to fight with the first the ensuing magical battle blew a table towards Hymm. He raised his arms to protect himself from the flying dinner set.

2 o'clock in the morning Netherguarde keep Edit

Hymm sat up quickly in his bunk cold sweat on his forehead. he looked around he was in the Lightbringers Bunkroom. two beds lay empty in front of him. Ormsby's and Louises. Hymm looked around the room the rest of the knights where in various stages of sleep the stove in the corner was cooling. the only strange thing was Hymm's angerblade was pulsing white but fading to its useuall reddish couler. Hymm lay back down. "Was it all a dream?" He thought a Hand clamped over his mouth and he snapped his eyes open the Dark Ormasby stood over Him grining with a charged shadow bolt "Times up Edward" it said. Hymm scrrabled for his Angerbalde and pulled it up and towards the apperition Hymm opend his eyes and saw nothing there exept his blade up to its hilt in the wall. a whispering voice echoed in his mind. "You may be next just as your freinds where. and nothing in this world can stop it......"

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