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Hrisskar Doomforge, Chieftain of the Earthfury Clan


Hrisskar Doomforge

Physical Traits

Hrisskar's tattered grey beard is a definite sign of age. He has deep blue eyes and pale Yellow/Brown skin which shows his rejection of the Blood Pact and time spent avoiding demonic energies. His face is scarred from many battles on both Draenor and Azeroth. His muscles although not as large as an Orc Grunts' have years of age and experience in them. He wears a Wolf Cloth Helm and Robe adorned with many different spiritual beads and markings. His weapon of choice are two traditional Shaman claws, although recently he aqcuired the artifact known as 'Earthshatterer'.

Race and Class

Orc Shaman


The Earthfury Clan


  • Chieftain of the Earthfury Clan



Kargorroth Doomforge

  • Kargorroth Doomforge - Father. Deceased. He has passed on all knowledge of life, lore and battle to Hrisskar



Buri's painting of Hrisskar Doomforge

Hrisskar Doomforge, son of Kargorroth Doomforge, was born on Draenor in the tribal village of the Frostwolf Clan. Unlike generations of Blacksmiths which was his family's tradition, Hrisskar was mentored to become a Shaman like his Father. He took many trials and tests.. some he passed and some he did not. But nearing the end of his apprenticeship.. Hrisskar proved his worth by solving a dispute between two mighty warriors by merely keeping his voice calm and explaining the situation out to them. This gained Hrisskar a mountain of respect from his peers in the Frostwolf Clan. During this time, a warband of Ogres had assaulted the villages and Kargorroth had been wounded in the battle. Unfortunatly, Kargorroth years earlier also having took a spear to the gut passed out from the recent wound and Hrisskar let his studies drop to care for his father. Kargorroth lived and Hrisskar finally became an official Shaman of the Frostwolf Clan. Shortly after.. Kargorroth passed out again, never to wake. The now middle-aged Shaman headed out to the plains of Nagrand and spent 10 years in complete solitude, in order to gain a broader understanding of the Spirits. He visited Oshu'gun many times and lived in a cave close by. The years eventually passed and Hrisskar returned to the village a changed person, wiser and calmer.

Hrisskar continued his life as normal till the coming of Kil'jaeden and the rise to power of Warlockry. Durotan, chieftain of the Frostwolves, refused the pact and by the end of the war with Azeroth the Frostwolf Clan was exiled into the Black Morass and eventually reached the Alterac Mountains. Durotan was soon assassinated after attempting to warn Orgrim Doomhammer of Gul'dan's pact with demons which left Drek'thar as the Frostwolf leader. He taught Shamanism along with other notable shamans, such as Hrisskar, to the Clan. A tribe of Ogres then moved into the ruins of Alterac but did not start much conflict with the Frostwolves. Eventually after two decades, Thrall, son of Durotan, sought out the Clan and became its new Chieftain and began a crusade to rewaken the Orcs Heratige of Shamanism. Although the Frostwolves were trusted allies to the newly formed Horde, they did not travel with Thrall to free the Orcs from internment. Hrisskar, inspired by this brave youth, followed Thrall to each camp and aided those he could.

Upon arriving at Durnholde, the final internment camp, Hrisskar noticed a large, burly Orc being beaten by Humans. He slew them with the aid of the Horde and the Orc revealed himself to be Gornak Earthfury a once proud Shaman turned Warlock. The two quickly became friends and travelled together. After the New Horde, under the leadership of Warchief Thrall, landed on the shores of Kalimdor with their new allies of the Darkspear Trolls, they befriended the Nomadic Tauren and gained yet another ally. Hrisskar and Gornak fought with honour as they battled the horrors of Stonetalon Peak and marvelled at the land surrounding the mountains. They decided that together when the fighting was over they would build their own Clan to become servants of the spirits. Unfortunatly, that future seemed lost as the Great Demon Archimonde threatened the entire world. Gathering at the World Tree Nordrassil for a final defense Thrall, Jaina, Malfurion, Hrisskar, Gornak, Dark Trolls, Orcs, Night Elves and Humans and Furbolgs sharpened their blades for the upcoming ascent. The outcome was a titanic battle with Demons and Undead tearing into the lines of defenders, intent on destroying Azeroth. Hrisskar used his power of the Elements to slay large numbers of Ghouls and other foul creatures but his power alone could do no good against the tides of Felhounds that came his way. His arms braced in front of him to guard, his skin shredded under the savage teeth of the Felhounds. Fortunatly Gornak noticed his downed comrade and interviened at the last minute. Swinging his mighty hammer 'Earthshatterer', he slew Demon after Demon. This didn't go unnoticed by the Legion as many stronger demons moved to intervene. Hrisskar managed to crawl to safety, bleeding and scarred heavily, as he watched his best friend and brother-in-arms be destroyed by a shadowbolt from an Eredar Warlock. Devastated, Hrisskar decided against foolhardy vengeance and rolled away from the battle into a gathering of trees. Archimonde scattered the remaining defenders and reached Nordrassil, only to be obliterated by a multiple detination of ancient spirits. The World was saved and Hrisskar lived on to fufill his promise to create a Clan. In honour of his fallen companion, he named it The Earthfury Clan, sworn to defend the land of Kalimdor from those who would seek to harm it. The Clan made its home deep in the Stonetalon Mountains, eventually building themselves a settlement. Bouldercrag Canyon.

Thus they began their quest to restore the land of Kalimdor from the turmoil left by the Legion's invasion. A most unusual feat of the Clan was the converting of a wandering break-away group of Stonemaul Ogres, who'm had fled Mok'morokk's rule when the Black Dragonflight invaded the Swamp. Their leader, a fierce and determined Ogre, led the band to the lower regions of the Stonetalon Mountains where they came into conflict with the local Centaur tribes. As the Earthfury Clan was also battling with the merciless horsemen, the two factions formed an alliance for both their safety. As the comradeship grew, the Ogres joined the Clan and took up Shamanism, leading to a number of Ogre Shamans reaching high ranks among the Earthfury.

Centaur Khan Haz'khrekah, leader of the united tribes in Desolace

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The Spirit Realm

Gornak Earthfury, the Hero. An eternal being walking upon the Spirit Realm

During a celebration after inviting many new bloods to the Clan, A Tauren named Kelror distrupted the joy and cast insult and warning at Hrisskar, that he was to die along with the full Orcish Race. These threats fell on deaf ears and Kelror vanished. Each week Kelror again would speak the same warnings and again he would be ignored. Hrisskar had sensed a dark power within Kelror, something dominating him, as if a great evil used him like a puppet. Having called a meeting to discuss what to do about Kelror, the Clan was approached by the Herald of the Spirits unexpectedly. It came with ill news, Kelror was being controlled by the unfathomable power of the Old Gods or one of their many servants. The Herald implored the importance of capturing Kelror and crafting a special totem to purge the evil from him. The Clan set off finding pure essences of each Element to craft the totem. Silvana was tasked with guarding Kelror but he influenced her mind to free him and she was knocked unconcious as he strode out of the Earthfury Den. Hrisskar returned with the Totem to find her lying on the floor. Silvana told him where Kelror had fled to and Hrisskar knew the inevitable fate that he was to face .. alone. High above the plains of Mulgore, on a bridge spanning two Bluffs, Kelror tried to make his escape until Hrisskar blocked his path. Resorting to a final stand-off, the two unleashed their devasting power but the tauren, empowered by evil, gained the upper hand. He taunted Hrisskar with every blow until the anger was too much. Kelror had abused the Clan, insulted it, tried to destroy it.. he was an obstacle that had to be removed. Swelling with the will of the spirits, Hrisskar launched a chain of Lighting strikes which seared the great Tauren's body until he eventually fell to his doom to the ground below the bridge. The elemental totem managed to save him, and the evil of the Old Gods was undone. Kelror, returned to his normal self, then joined the Clan as a completely new person.

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Hrisskar meditating in his time of solitude in the Mountains

Hrisskar fell in battle with the Mountaineer 3rd Brigade after being shot by Angst. The Earthfury Clan suffered heavily, loosing over half their numbers, but fought on until the Mountaineers were forced into retreat. However the damage had been done. As He lay dying, he named Torakk his successor and left his mortal shell; ever watching over his people.

His legacy now continues with his son, Hrisskar the Younger; once thought as lost when the Ogres joined the Old Horde.

Family Background

The Doomforge family held a strange finesse all around their skill with the Blacksmith hammer. Crafting fine armour for those back on Draenor, they were revered with their passion to forge new things. But Karrgoroth was different to his forefathers. He was a Shaman. Karrgoroth rose to be one of the most wisest of Shaman in his Clan, except for individuals such as Mother Kashur.

One day, fate would put Karrgoroth to a test. A nearby warband of Ogres had decided that the Frostwolf Clan could not stay in 'their' land, and had attacked. The villages were in danger and Karrgoroth risked his own life to save that of a young blood. He was praised for his bravery but in order to save the child he ignored his own safety, leading to a spear impaling his abdomen. He later died from the wound. Thankfully his son, Hrisskar, was unharmed in the attack and he also grew to surpass his father... just as Karrgoroth has forseen.

Personal Notes

In Battle, Hrisskar is likely to remain in the centre of his followers to bolster their strength with the ancestors' power. Lightning would be a common sight as it decends from the sky to strike his foes

  • Hrisskar despises evil, especially if it threatens Kalimdor or the Clan.
  • Although he is often known as 'Farseer' for his immense wisdom, it should be noted that he has never attained the rank of Farseer.

Current Status

Observing the recent conflicts from the realm of the Spirits


Stormsong - Brown Stonetalon Wolf, befriended as the Clan settled in the Mountains. Has ever since had a strong connection to Hrisskar through the Ancestral spirits.

Hrisskar and Stormsong


  • "Meditation requires tranquility of the mind, Tranquility requires peace from your surroundings, Peace requires discipline and wisdom. Come, sit, I shall teach you"
  • "Through me you face the wrath of the Spirits themselves!"


Durotan, from the books 'Lord of the Clans' and 'Rise of the Horde'

Drek'thar, from the two books also

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