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Hrisskar’s Lok’vadnod

Born back on Draenor,

powerful and strong,

a shaman was to rise,

bring honour to the Horde.

Proud member of the Frostwolf,

clansman and more,

he would learn about the Spirits,

Nature, and beyond.

Left uncorrupted for so many years,

he traveled through the Portal,

upheld his duty to the Spirits,

defended what he stood for.

One day he headed

towards the mountains of Stonetalon,

the demons lied defeated,

he intended to prolong the peace.

He formed a new clan!

Named it the Earthfury,

after an ally, friend, and a hero,

he claimed Stonetalon their home.

Time passed, the clan grew strong.

Now Chieftain, shaman, a farseer wise,

he taught about the Spirits,

kept old traditions alive.

But peace would have to wait,

new foes came and dared

challenge the Earthfury,

wretched centaur, Grimtotem, and more.

All o’ them enemies,

fell one by one,

Doomforge stood victorious,

the Earthfury had prevailed!

One day tho’, a new enemy came,

assaulted our home, brought down our men.

Hrisskar fought bravely, killed many alone,

but the brave Chieftain fell, a true warrior’s death.

Aka’magosh, old friend,

May your spirit stay strong.

May your tales be heard by young and by old.


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