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We go back to Imoen on the edge of a tower, Clarizy it standing in front of her armed with a sword pointing it at Imoen.

Clarizy: Time to die.

Imoen looks down from the tower, looks back at Clarizy then leans back and jumps off in a cross position. Clarizy snorts goes to walk away then hears a loud splash, she runs over looks over the tower and sees Imoen swimming off she clenches her fist and jumps in after her.

We see Imoen swimming like mad she looks behind her and sees Clarizy giving chase and gaining on her rapidly.

Scene cuts to two fishermen fishing in the canals

Fisherman 1: So one time I caught a fish this big!

Gestures a fish being a centimetre long

Fisherman 2: lol l2fish

There is a pause for five seconds.

Fisherman 1: Damn Goldshite slang...

All of a sudden an arm comes out of the water and Imoen pulls herself up out of the water she’s just about to get up when Clarizy grabs hold of her foot pulling her back in.

Fisherman 2: OMG!

Fisherman 1: You say one more of those Goldshire slang and I swear im going to fish slap you!

Fisherman 2: I can’t help it! Ah! WTF are we arguing about? that babe needs our help!

Fisherman 1 looks at Fisherman 2 looking annoyied that he’s said yet another slang word, Fisherman 2 shrugs and grabs his fishing rod he aims it at Clarizy and lobs it at her leg.

Clarizy sees the fishing rod and doges it, the other fisherman tries to stab her but she doges again.

Fisherman 1 and 2 both look at each and shrug and grab Imoen’s hand trying to pull her out, her head surfaces and she gasps for air she squirms and manages to break free.

Imoen doesn’t waste any time she climbs onto the fishing spot and runs off towards the cathedral. Clarizy pulls herself free the two fishermen walk backwards in fear.

Clarizy: No one crosses me! Now, you will have the curse of a vampire...come let me have a taste.

Fisherman 1: Does that mean we can go to these Vampire lesbian sessions I hear so much about?

Fisherman 2: How can she be a vampire it's broad day light?

Clarizy grins sinisterly

Clarizy: Have it your way…

She pulls out her huge two handed sword, the two fishermen try to attack her with their fishing rods but she doges their attacks and spins her sword over her head slicing off their heads.

She kicks their bodies into the river and grabs their severed heads.

Clarizy: Catch of the day.

She smirks then kicks their heads away, she grabs hold of her sword and looks at the floor noticing wet foot prints she smirks and follows them.

Pans back to Imoen franticly running away. She looks behind her and sees Clarizy appear her sword held in one hand she starts walking slowly towards Imoen, Imoen runs into the cathedral square and finds a Stormwind guard she grabs hold of his arm.

Imoen: Please! You have to help me she’s going to kill me!

Guard: Certainly!- oh your one of...them.

Imoen: What?

Guard: You can take care of yourself…I’ll have no dealings with you.

Clarizy enters the district slowly walking towards Imoen, she’s covered in blood smiling evilly at Imoen. Imoen panics turning towards the guard.

Imoen: But I’ve done nothing wrong! You have to help me!

Guard: No, you are scum. Just like all Scarlet Crusaders are…you defy your rights of freedom of speech and your leader is a demon-

Imoen: That’s a silly Goldshire rumour!

Clarizy starts getting even closer

Guard: I’m sure it is…now have you got anything useful to tell me?

Imoen: This is wrong! Your supposed to protect the people of Stormwind!

Guard: Pah!

Guard walks off

Clarizy begins to run towards Imoen lifting her sword above her head, Imoen ducks her head Clarizy’s sword hits a lamppost just avoiding Imoen’s head. Imoen back rolls back, A scarlet Patrol can be seen in the distance, Imoen’s face lits up and she goes to run towards them but Clarizy trips Imoen up.

Imoen: Breathren!

The patrol turns towards Imoen and they run towards Imoen. One Crusader lunges his sword at Clarizy but she doges once again. Imoen’s leg is being held onto by Clarizy, the camera pans to Imoen eyes looking franticly at her breathren one of them is holding a double barrelled shot gun on his waist. She reaches out to go grab it, Clarizy is laughing manicly her eyes looking crazy as she doges all the attacks of the Crusaders.

We hear a clicking sound of a gun.

Imoen: Dodge this.

Then gun goes off, Clairzy's eyes widen she is sent flying back a load of blood splatters all over Imoen and her breathren. They lift her up quickly they are about to drag her off when they hear Clarizy talking.

She stands up, there is a huge hole threw her chest. Her face is covered in her own blood and when she speaks she is spluttering.

Clairzy: Heh heh heh…very good, but not enough to beat me.

Crusader 1: You gotta be kidding me.

Clarizy laughs manically then out of the blue collapses.

Imoen sighs of relief

Crusader 2: ...who was that odd woman?

Crusader 1: That 'was' Sister Clarizy.

Crusader 3: I’ve never seen such reflexes…she was incredible almost invincible…till you stole my shotgun a blew a hole threw her.

A Crusader appears in brillant armor he has long black hair and a black goatee.

Endjinn: What’s going on here? I heard gun a shot. What in the light is that!

He points towards Clarizy

Crusader 1: some Traitorous scum tried to kill sister Imoen Senior knight!

Endjinn: I see. Bring her in then she looks like she’s in shock…and clean her up for Lights sake!

All of the crusaders stand to attention and salute, Imoen doesn’t and looks scared to death.

Endjinn: Hmm…take her next to my quarters that is one of the most secure places for her to sleep, understood?

Crusaders: Yes Senior knight sir!

Scene skips to see Imoen lying in bed her arms behind her head we hear her thoughts.

Imoen: Hejin and now Clarizy…he is sending people from the inside to get me. Nothing is safe, how do I know Commander Endjinn isn’t one of them? He did demand me to…no, shut up Imoen.

Khallid…Elizabetha, what do I do? Help me…please help me…

She turns around and puts her face into her pillow, there is a knock on her door. Imoen grabs her short sword.

Imoen: come in…

The door opens and it’s Endjinn.

Endjinn: I just wanted to say, im sorry about your father…Elizabetha told me about it today, Imoen, I want you to know that I can understand if you fell a bit uneasy at the time being but remember this. You have your High Emissary, Emissary Magwitch and me to watch over you.

Imoen: Thank you sir…

Endjinn smiles

Endjinn: Good night Imoen.

He closes the door and we see Imoen on her own in her room she curls up in her bed.

Pan back to Clarizy in the middle of a street she has her eyes closed, Hejin walks over to her.

Hejin: Clarizy. You failed.

Clarizy looks dead.

Hejin: Look at the mess…

He tuts

Hejin: But I shall bless you with life…Master, come to my aid…she has failed but she is still of some use.

Clarizy’s stomach closes together. Clarizy screams in pain as she wakes up.

Clarizy: It…it’s pulling whole body...

Clarizy starts twitching, Hejin’s face is covered by some streaks of his hair, his face is covered in shadow as he watches Clarizy’s body mend itself.

Hejin: My master tells me, if you are to fail again…this pain will be nothing compared to what he can do. Now, here take my hand.

Hejin holds out his hand towards Clarizy she grabs hold of it and gets pulled into Hejin who holds her.

Hejin: I won’t let her do this again to you…we will have revenge my dear, I promise...I'm sorry you had to go threw this...we will be rewarded soon my love...soon.

Clarizy face is loving, she closes her eyes in Hejin's arms

Camera pans out with Hejin holding Clarizy in his arms they are both empty in the street.

To be continued…

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