Hymm's last day as a missionary

Name Edit

Edward Eddie Hymm

Physical Traits Edit

A tall man with a kind but weatherd face with slightly tanned skin and green eyes He is 32 years of age. a few scars cross his arms but only slightly. you can recgonise him by his battered leather hat (Need to lvl a bit for it) and reddish hair, look for the angerblade if you are unsure As of now his right arm is a Yellow- greenish mechanical replacment.

When Confronting Louises sister Hymm was hit in the face with one of her curses. half his face is now a mess of scars its bad but not disfiguring.After the May ball he receved massed chest scarring similar to his face.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warrior

Guild Edit

Ex-Scarlet Missionary

Lightbringers of Outland (Destroyed)

State Of Stormwind Officer in charge of footmen.

Occupation Edit

Captain of Lorderon Millita Disbanded

Private eye buisiness is not so good

Ex-Penitant of the SM


Gerard Hymm - farmer/warrior Deceased

Mayble Hymm - Farmer Deceased

Background Edit

Edward Hymm was born in tristfall glades as a farm boy. once a month his family would make a trip to Tarren mill to have the wheat milled by the Ormsbys. Hymm enjoyed a freindship with Damion lee Ormsby witch still exists today. play did not last long for at the age of 20 both men where told/or decided to pursue antother line of work. Damion lee moved to darlarn while Hymm moved to the big city.

Hymm began training as a millita member keeping to the traditions well he rose to the rank of captain head of his own station. Hymm took leave of the police to study in SI:7 for his P.I Badge, his station was one of the first place's to fall under Arthas. Hymm was on a boat back when he ran into his second in command at the station. Tabatha Cyrus Hymm's sweetheart. returning to SW hymm moved to join the Scarlet Mission so he could avenge his familys deaths. Hymm ran into his old freind ormsby and both told eachother stories about what happened Hymm and Ormsby where both in the Missionarys until Ormsby left.

soon Hymm recived his fathers old blade in the post maade of Thorium it was untouched by and dents scratches or whatever else his hat arrived after. both sent as gifts and a letter of congratulations at passing his P.I tests both his family had died a week after the letter was posted.

Hymm spent a lot of time in Tyr's hand undoing the wrong done to his family. unlike other missionary's he distingueshes between the intelligent Forsaken and the mindless scourge.

After Hymm's loss of tabatha (see Red Mist) Hymm began to doubt the crusade exentually leaving on his own will after being discharged by Habeus and dufferien Hymm seeks to stay on there good side knowing he can never return

After Louises death Hymm began to have a more vengefull attitude seemingly following the light, but in his own way he may not forgive it for taking Louise. Hymm heard of ormsbys deathand began to hate whoever killed him. he has lost two freinds in a short time. his angerblade has been acting erraticly who knows the state of his sanitey?

After ormsby died he began to follow the light with more zeal. if he fought hard enough maybe he could bring his freinds back.....

On the recent Lightbringer attack on the deamons in Ashenvale Hymm was ambushed by a pack of legion hounds escaping after Alyah hit them, all with a thunderstorm. Derrin was soon there after helping Hymm to his feet and escorting Hymm back to the Lightbringers HQ. Hymm suffered scratches,a gouged abdomen and a deep legion hound bite in his right shoulder. Bolvan healed the injuries but the bite refused to be healed.

Now the Shoulder wound has healed leaving purple tendrils advancing down Hymm's arm. He keeps this hidden but for How long?. Not for too long Hymm's arm tried to go on a rampage and was cut off by the lightbringers and burned to prevent it spreading.

Hymm confronted Louise's sister with Imoenak and Hejin and after battleing her powerful minions He managed to knock her out at the cost of a lot of scars.

On Satuarday the 12 of may Hymm recived his replacment arm from Ulgarf this has given arm uniqe abilites as the arm is customised.

At the return of Louise and Ormsby Hymm has now begun to reflect upon what horrers he has inflicted on people. primerily the Scarlet haters from when he was in Tyrs hand.

Hymm has seen many evil now. and has launched a personal crusade against it all. singlemindedly attacking all threts to civilisation. Human elf or otherwise.

At the darnassus ball Hymm was blown off a bridge by a Night elf warlock after she damaged his arm, Hymm almost drowned and is recovering from severe shadow burns. Hymm cant belive he survived.

Hymm left the lightbringers after an failed attack on the Burning legion descimated it leaving only a few lightbringers alive.

Hymm joined the army...then after a while returned to policing for the State of Stormwind he rose through the ranks quickly. Saved a comrades life but failed to save anothers.

Family Background Edit

the Hymm's where farmer's and warriors and accomplished at both earning an good pay for their familys

Criminal Record Edit

Hymm has never commited a crime but has solved many

The River Murders

The Bossman Bust

All in lordaron


Personal Notes Edit

The Angerblade Hymm carries a blade occasionaly seen. it glows white but it has not been seen glowing anyother color for a while...the blade seems different to.

Tabatha's Ring after his Sweetheart died Hymm took her ring. She now acts as a spirit guide alerting Hymm to life threataning Danger

Battered Leather Hat Hymm's Hat is his identity he wore it to all his crime busts and it bears the marks of the well worn and other marks he gives it the same respect as indiana Jones does his.

What does Subtle mean? Hymm usally does a direct approch on things. he understands the need for subtley but if there is a more direct method he will take it (an example of this is if some person was bleeding and needed stiching Hymm would punch them in the face to knock them out for a method painkiller)

Thorium Right Arm: Hymm now has a replacment Arm from Ulgarf it has special compartments and special features. The Ability to punch through a six inches of solid rock, a rotating fist, special storage areas, threetimes his old strengh in the arm and a retractible self loading flintlock pistol compartment. The arm can deflet blows due to its durability. Hymm tries to keep it under repair . his arm was lost after the Burning legion tainted it with a legion hound bite

Hard As Nail's Hymm survived being blown off a bridge and nearly drowning. Anyone who can go through that and live is Hard as nails!. (treat as Hymm being able to Survive JUST About anything short of an insta kill)

Current Status Edit

Aperring in SW from time to time but Battling random threats most of the time gaining seasons


Well i made Hymm originally to join the SM but could never settle on a vharicter for him. now i have revived my ideas and made a new personallity. ( admitibly its probably the same.))

Sam Vimes: A Copper for the discworld series Hymm's millita antics come from this person. His temper at times too

Indiana Jones: I always liked Indi. so i decided to take some of him into WoW. Hymm's hat is proof of this^^

Generic D&D Hero: Well. i played D&D for a while and still yern to do so. its where i lerned to RP your random hero is a just person e.t.c as a side effct i think my first D&D Char has grown into Hymm a bit (( He was a paladin and captain of his towns millia. embarrisingl;y i met up with the other charicters when the town was sacked by goblins >< of course i slew many of them))

Edward Elric: Name clash is concidence but The new arm coming is going to be just like Edwards from FMA. Albeit with a few improvments.

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