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Hymm stood in an side street weeping. his mind replayed the last hour or so.

"Brother Hymm you whish to abandon us?" Habeus looked up at hymm. Hymm saluted "Yes emmisery i....wish to join the lightbringers". Habeus looked scornfully at Hymm.

"Breatheren! Brother Hymm has expressed wishes to abandon our cause and join with a group of mercenries! he can hear our words but cannot speak". Suzanne snorted "off to join that Harlot no doubt". Habeus took a breath "if you have any goodbyes to say say them now". "Most of the crusaders present said encoragements and cheerfull goodbyes. Hymm wept at their faces masks of cheer but with sadness behind them. others loooked angry and jerred but Hymm ignored them. "Brother Hymm may speak his goodbyes". Hymm stood and cleared his throat. "thank you emmisery you are a great man...i will remember you al and always think of you as my brothers and sisters i will miss you all" Hymm was silenced by Dufferein raising his hand "I now strike your name from our register" and then crossed out the words Hymm.E, from the charter.

Hymm thought about these and cried again it was a hard choice to make he looked down at his angerblade another reminder of sadness. Hymm raised it above his head rain poured off its tip and he closed his eyes anfd brought it down speeding towards his abdomen. Hymm waited for it to hit but moved his arm it met resistance. he opened his eyes the rain hung in the air frozen in time. Hymm looked ant the arm following its progress towards a person in a gold robe, "You dont want to do that son" said the figure a unearthly breeze blew back its hood showing an aged face similer to his own. "F...father?" the man nodded saying "you dont want it to end this way look." Hymm's father waved his hand in na thik part of the rain making a window of sorts. it showed Hymm battling orcs on a hill top others around him all in shades of gold silver or white Hymm cleaved an orc that was leaning over a wounded person the picture disappeared. "lets see what the others have to say." His father gestured to two new figures who had appered both hoods fell one showed a smileing girl and one showed a mothers face. "Mother?....Tabatha?" Tears crept down Hymms face nothing to do with sadness anymore.

Tabatha spoke first. "see this my sweetheart" Tabatha repeated Hymms fathers action and the window showed a married couple one was Hymm the other was..... "How...?" hymm muttered weakly as he and tabatha walked down the isle. Tabatha smiled "in good time it will be clear."

Hymms mother repeated the last action "Here son this is the last thing we will show you" the window showed Hymm at attention with medals on his chest with a night elf in strange armour pinning a medal on him and his freinds congratulatin him.

his father spoke, "this son is what wil happen if you decide not to kill yorself. notice that some poeple in the background where in red." Hymm thought about it his blade changed to yellow and time started again. Hymm looked around all where gone. his blade glowed yellow and there was a faint sign of gold on Tabathas ring. Hymm smiled just as the sun broke through, maybe not being a missionary was'nt bad after all......

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