As darkness crept out from the growing shadows over the small orc encampment in Ashenvale, so did Sasaya from her hiding spot. After making sure no one had noticed her, she quickly sneaked into the Earthfury den, following its lit path all the way down into its deepest chamber.

Sasaya let out a silent sigh of relief as she found Vazjas embalmed body still lying on the same place that Hrisskar had pointed out earlier that day. Obviously the clan hadn't had time to bury her yet, which meant that Sasaya wouldn't have to dig up her body from her grave in order to fulfill her task.

It had gone several days since she passed away, and ever since, Sasaya had spent all of her time awake trying to improve herself, delving deeper and deeper into the realm of the Loa gods, but each and every time she had sought their council, they had turned her and her pleas away. For whatever reason, Sasaya just couldn't understand.

Sasaya sat down on the dry ground before the embalmed body with a faint sigh, placing her hands comfortable in her own lap. She closed her eyes and slowed down her breathing, clearing her mind by thinking about nothing than the task ahead of her. This was her preferred way of falling into trance and normally it wouldn't take more than a few minutes before her spirit would disjoin from her body and enter the realm of the spirits. But this night Sasaya had to spend almost an hour before finally falling into trance. The thought of the Loa gods refusing to permit her entrance to "The other side" the past days kept irritating Sasaya, and now she simply couldn't shake it off. But this time she wouldn't need the allowance of the Loa to visit the realm of the dead, she could do it herself. -She would do it herself.

Sasaya slowly opened her eyes and looked around over the spiritual realm, or rather, she focused her mind to take in the impression the realm brought to her senses as her shapeless form didn't possess anything such as eyelids on this ever-changing plane.

Soaring a few feet above her soulless body, Sasaya would normally scream of joy from the feeling of letting go of the fleshly lump of her body, but this time she barely gave it a thought. "Looking" down, she could make out two faint brown auras from hers and Vazjas soulless bodies lying on the ground beneath her. But Sasaya wasn't here for a mere sightseeing, she was here to reach out into "The other side" whether the Loa gods approved it or not.

Sasaya slowly but steadily focused her mind on the task ahead. She had done this once before, but that time it was via the throne of the Loa gods and with their permission. This time however, she would have to venture there by brute force. As time went by, seconds or hours Sasaya didn't know, she could eventually feel her painful effort take effect, and with a soundless dissonance her spirit finally crossed the border to the realm of the dead.

Something seemed wrong, Sasaya could instantly tell as she felt her surroundings, the dead didn't want her here. Suppressing the feelings of unease, she began her search for Vazjas wandering spirit. She had figured the search would only take a brief moment since she had began her journey so close to where she died, but as time went by, the inhabitants grew more and more hostile, and even how hard Sasaya tried, Vazjas spirit was nowhere to be found. Where was the spirit of that old crone hiding?

Something happened then, desperate in her forbidden search, Sasaya felt the spirits of the dead moving in on her, and soon enough, one of the lost souls assaulted her defenseless spirit, clawing after her, and in a frenzied state of panic, Sasaya had to believe that she finally found the spirit she was looking for.

Fleeing for her immaterial life, Sasaya forcefully breached through the border between life and death once again, this time yanking the violent spirit with her back to the living and ramming it into Vazjas lifeless body, but even before Sasayas spirit returned to her own lifeless body below, she knew something had gone wrong. Terribly wrong.

Slowly opening her eyes, she could feel it. The feeling of misdeed slammed into her conscious just like the stench from the monstrosity she had created slammed into her nostrils. As her vision cleared and her senses regained their strength, she could only scream in horror. The twisted and mutilated version of Vazja lying before her was a sight beyond her wildest nightmares. Vazja was still lying on her back, but the misshapen muscles around her ribcage had apparently forced it open, making the ribs pointing straight up towards the ceiling and disclosing the throbbing, grotesque intestines beneath it. Her skin was blistering, her limbs twisted, and the deformed body was apparently trying to breathe with little success, lying in its own excrement with its red-glowing eyes staring blindly in confusion at Sasaya.

The sight, the stench and the insight eventually became too much for Sasaya and she abruptly emptied her stomach on the floor in front of herself. Realizing her crime and mistake, Sasaya shamelessly fled the chamber and the dying monstrosity, not slowing down or looking back until she finally reached the gates of Orgrimmar.

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