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Neutralcrest small Icor Duskbringer
Icor Duskbringer Darkfallen
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Age over 1094 (living years)
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation Forsaken
Occupation Necromancer for Shadows of Lordaeron
Status Undead

"Two things does follow the men, the cruelty and the death, the first of these two is by far faster." - Socrate, before being condamned.


O, you, Role Player, who mock the unusual style just because others do, open your eyes, and your mind. Behold Icor Duskbringer in all his glory, past and future.



An elven sigil.

Karan'thas was, since a child, an active and intelligent child. Born in the little nobility (nobles unable to own ground, lands or soldiers) he was soon initiated to be a priest. While the knowledge he learnt was appealing him, he was not able to manipulate divine magic due to his hunger for magic. He started, secretely, to learn the ways of arcane. When he was experienced, he showed his skills to the family, who agreed in following his desire of manipulating magic. Soon the magisters approached him, but the elf denied their support, knowing that politics could have become terrible deep in future and he did not needed influences when he was a child. Instead of remaining in Silvermoon, he left in Dalaran.


When the Flames settle, we shall see who still stands! -Kael'thas Sunstrider

The high elf soon became adult and even a master in the ways of arcane magic. Teaching and learning, his addiction to magic kept growing, so much that he returned in Quel'thalas. During that type he married an elf who, few years later, got killed by amani trolls. This greatly depressed him, and stopped his studies for some time, forgotting even his magic and his books, reclusing himself inside his home. Ten years later, he returned to his studies, never approaching directly anyone but in his pubblic discussions. Denying the proposal of becomming a magister, the kingdom of Quel'thalas soon stopped the Karan'thas from having any relevance among their society fearing of his innovative ideas. He then left to Dalaran, where his skills were greatly appreciated. Altrough they, due to the authority of Silvermoon's Magisters, never let Karan'thas obtain the archmage rank, denying him that possiblity.

Illidari banner

The Illidari Banner

The IllidariEdit

May I die but for the grace of Kael'thas. May I kill for the glory of Illidan -Master Kariel Winthalus

As for every blood elven story, Scourge has is a relevant factor... but also is repetitive. In a few words, the Scourge invaded Quel'thalas, destroying his whole family and many of his friends. Little was spared of what he called home. Altrough Karan'thas was in Silvermoon when the notice of the Prince Arthas's betrayal and Teranas death arrived. He reached Dalaran, where the high knowledge of the high elven and humans was, hoping to learn something, like many other mages, to stop the Scourge. Obiviously, all his efforts were vain and he later joined an expedition led by Kael'thas, aiding them in fighting the Scourge. He was with Kael'thas when they escaped from Garithos's accuses and, later, joined the Illidari. His mind found in the naga, former Kaldorei nobles, a twin spirit. His magic addiction instead of diminuishing, kept growing, often blinding his mind. Later, when Illidan did not only went in the Outlands, but declared war against the Undead Scourge, he followed his people with a blind hatred towards the creatures who destroyed his home.


What are we if not slaves to this torment? -Sylvanas Windrunner

This part of the story is well known aswell, as he, after the victory of the Scourge, was captured and later risen as an undead. Serving the Lich King without question, he became so one of the many creepy creatures that, thanks to their magic skills, were transformed into a powerful magician who, in a short time, learned the powers of necromancy, overcomming death itself and eventually were introduced into the culture of the San'lyan, the Darkfallen. Long time passed under the vessel of the Lich King, a time where he saw the Scourge having new alliances, forging new creatures, crating their own architetture, different from the other races. Altrough, they had no will. This was, unless, until Arthas fell down. With the death of the Lich King, the most mind powerful servants of the Scourge were freed... Atleast some of them. Icor was one of them. For a few months he was hiding, hoping not to be seen by anyone and attempting to assemble what happened in the last years. He knew that there was an other faction of undeads, the forsaken. Unlike from the normal belief, the Scourge have a culture and the elf, renaming himself Icor, finding it more appropriate for his deteriorated and rotten skin, started the search of the improbable faction. He was among the first who found this new faction, during the days he reacquired his will, the barbaric art of drinking blood was almost completely forgotten. Not long time later, the forsaken found him, weakened, lying in the Howling Fjord. It was there that, after almost getting executed, the undead became, for the first, and the last time, happy: he knew there was the possibility to choose freedom. The second later, undeath kept depressing him. Now, altrough, he belongs to the Forsaken. His mind is very connected with the forsaken in ideals and their apothecaries, creatures that the necromancer feels attracted to. Altrough, during his freedom, he has experimented a new way of living, the way of someone that, even if being able to choose to battle its nature, will never be able to contrast it entirely...

The CataclysmEdit

The Shadows of Lordaeron were sent to Gilneas were they achieved loads of failures. Thus Icor estrained from the world. He believes in a place were he might find his emotions, an ideal world.


Darkfallen emblem san'layn

The emblem of the San'layn, a faction belonging to the Scourge.

Icor Duskbringer is a philosopher and an intellectual elf. His undeath, however, forced him to do radical changes. Despite, in his life, being a conservator, in his death Icor wishes to obtain his respect back. For this reason, as conservators does not allow undeads in Silvermoon, he has a modern view and focuses his attention in the ones he feels to have a deep connection with: the forsaken. He doesn't share much open racism towards the Horde races but he, obiviously has his distrust for the trolls and their rituals. His hatred for the barbarian culture has been diminuished during his death and his moderate political skills. He often goes claiming how dialogues are the most powerful weapon and how, since his death, he has lost the capacity of arguing well, being a servant of a creature that did not required discussions. Very open minded, does not hesitate to ask to be sent into misterious lands or places with different culture, hoping always to learn more... if his evil nature doesn't show up. On the other hand, seems he looks usually for a head able to guide him.


Current Name: Icor Duskbringer; Previous name: Karan'thas Sunbringer

Many characters, when being evil, acquire, for no reason, a new name. (example. Baron Mordis) Icor, instead, being his character a philospher, simply changed his name for not recognising his origins anymore as the blood elves rejected him.


Recruit of The Will of Sylvanas

Forsaken symbol

Victory for Sylvanas, death to the ones who oppose us.



  • Necromancer of the Forsaken


  • Mind torturer
  • Interrogator

Due to his powerful will and intelligence, Icor does often contestate his own leaders and hardly agrees with their cruel decisions. This brought the undead to be separated from the high ranks of forsaken and in fact they rather see him studying books and tactics instead of having him bubbling about what is righteous and what is not in a place like Undercity or in the middle of a war in Silverpine.


  • Necromancer: Icor Duskbringer does not hesitate to drain his enemies's life energies if needed, it to fear, the foes or make a deep impression in someone's mind. He often practises in shadow magic, with tricks involving deception or flesh corruption. As a necromancer, he rathers rise deads or tentacles made of pure shadow magic while he performs spells of other kinds, associable in the Arcane Magic tree.
  • Mage (Conjuror): The art of conjuring the fire elements was common among the High Elves, and Icor is not an exception.

Practised Schools:

  • Frost (aka ice), to a low level.
  • Fire
  • Necromancy and Shadow magic, dark arts; this school is shared also with divine magic.


Blood Elf


In philosopism, many quotes are an important factor of the personality. Will post them as soon as they come.

  • I was used to say in my life that death was the only thing i was sure to be eternal and that undeads were mindless aberrations. Now, i assure you, i'm the proof that my own words were wrong. A thing that doesn't happen often. To the magisters of Silvermoon attempting to reacquire his previous relevance to their eyes (unsuccessfully).
  • Yes, the hands of the Dark Lady are great enough to hug us all in her, dark, eternal, embrace. (To Apothecary Wiktorin during a discussion about his exile)
  • The tabard i bear shows not my affilation, naive one. It shows my ideals, as it still share my research of a fount of eternal magic. (To a forsaken citzen who was wondering why he was bearing a tabard of the Sin'dorei)


He wears clothes based on his usual feelings, often this means depressing or dark clothes. He has, in fact, a few different cerimonial clothes that he uses in his normal activity aswell. They often change from a deep black to a dark and red vestment. As weapons, he often uses something he could be able to defend with but that inspires respect and fear: as a powerf thinker, he thinks appareance is a relevant toolto make the right impression, on an enemy, or on a friend. Altrough this description makes him see a normal person, he has a pale skin due to his death, a scar and, obiviosly, the typical dark energies emanated from necromancers surrounds him.

Weapons:Comming Soon (?)

Criminal RecordsEdit

As he joined the Horde, he has a clean record.


  • Floating Skull
  • Ghoul(s)
  • Undead Gryphon
  • Skeletal Horse


As a philopher, i had to carefully choose my ideal character. Mainly, he self-created, his personality is based upon the story, but part of the background is similar to characters comming from the Betrothed (of Manzoni) and Eraclito, an ancient philospher belonging to aristocratic views who later left from the civilization disliking his community. As for part of the background, i'd add Plauto, a writer of commedies famous in the empire of Rome.

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