Neutralcrest small Icor
Title(s) The Collector of Souls
Gender Male
Race Undead
Class Lich
Alignment Neutral Evil
Affiliation Himself, Forsaken (some shared ideas)
Relative(s) Sheeka (sister)

This character is being re-made. I do not suggest to follow this type of RP, not for its powers, that, while they may seem strong, they are not at all, but for its incapacity of finding a stable home or ally.

Icor Sunwhisperer, once a ranger of Quel'thalas, is now a necromancer, a being that raises the deaths as undeads who thinks that the life must be destroyed and only the deaths must prevail and rule. His unusual behavour is usually calm and cold. He seems to live around the Plaguelands and the Ghostlands.


Icor Sunwhisperer

(Ichor, ironic nickname)


Cold, calm and sadic... This is the best description you can have of Icor Sunwhisper.

His face, pale as snow, seems perfect but a little scar that goes from his mouth untill his left ear. The pale skin is typical of undeads and he often hides those traits wearing red or dark clothes and a black hood that covers his face entirely. People are often scared by his freezing aura, wich surrounds the powerful necromancer. His voice, cold and emotionless, is an other of his typical cruel traits. The hair are long, as many other elves. While his hair are white, sometimes he has been seen with black hairs. How he reached a barber without getting executed is unknown.


Icor has what can be defined an identity crisis. On a side, the undeath and his evil scheme, on the other, a glorious ranger of Quel'thalas, or, atleast, what remains of him and his principies. He often refuses to talk with trolls and defines himself a citzen of Silvermoon. The darker personality is not in contrast with this one but would not hesitate to kill an elf if alone or in an isolated place. The darkness inside his soul cannot be mended anymore, but, on the other hand, he greatly respects honor to the nation Quel'thalas and, if he wanders near Silvermoon, tries to evitate every authority.


Sheeka Sunwhisperer (sister), she, not having a copper, started to rob people in the Murder Row, later succumbed, killed by the hands of a guard.

Ashmal(Deceased father). Lieelia (dead mother).

Class & RaceEdit

In Character: Icor is hard to descrive as a normal race. He's a possessed elf, this gives him some of the knowledge and power the essences had. In short, his way of acting is similar to a Lich but, while he has a phylactery, some of his abilities recalls the Graven Ones or Necromancers 's path, altrough this is more a speculation than reality.

Out of Character:

  • Death Knight, Blood elf


  • The Three Essences
  • Guardians. He was at the starting in meaning to create an entire army of magical undead creatures, altrhough it would've costed too much energy, so he abandoned the project, leaving just Jin'rax and the weak Wil'kon (deceased).
  • Ghouls: he does often bring a ghoul with him as protector, along with Jin'rax, a floating skull.
  • Deceased minions: Morvion, Wil'kon.

In CombatEdit

While many try to fight him openly, it is rare that he reveals himself for what he truly is. Icor also rarely engages a real fight, letting the Essences of Darkness corrupt his enemies. Because of this, people named him the One Who Whispers Death. If forced to a battle, he doesn't care of the damage he can receive, but fights until end, relesing his undead minions against the targets while he casts his dark spells. His schools are Necromancy and Frost, but also he knows how to use his scythe. His weakeness, his incredible weakeness, is the Light.

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