Ihynlia's Birth name was Ihynlia Highhorn Grimtotem. Although since becoming the Tribe Mother of The Stronghoof adopted the name Ihynlia Stronghoof and wears it withpride.

Physical TraitsEdit

Ihynlia has black flawless fur and seems to be in shape to fight. One can notice her blue eyes indicating shes a Death Knight.

Race and ClassEdit

Tauren Warrior/Shaman (Former). Death Knight.


Ihynlia is the Kichalo (Beloved) of the Stronghoof Tribe.


Ihynlia is with her beloved Kogar leading the Stronghoof Tribe. She doesn't use her skills as a fighter often, even though she's skilled at it.


Father: (Status and name is unknown). A Grimtotem raid leader who was ruthless enough to attack and violate Ihynlia's mother.

Mother: Tygahana Highhorn (Deceased). A female Tauren who did her best after giving birth to Ihynlia which were the result of her violation, she died a few years ago

reasons for it is unknown.

Uncle: Grimhorn (Uknown). Grimhorn betrayed the Earthmother and the Tauren for power by the Lich King. He now seeks redemption from the Earthmother.


  • Saweti (Alive). Saweti is Ihynlias half-brother, Saweti being from their fathers side, he left his father some time ago and met up with Ihynlia and joined the Stronghoof Tribe.
  • Omenali (Alive)

Mate: Kogar (Alive). Kogar is the chieftain of the Stronghoof Tribe, and a great protecter of Mulgore labled "Dreadmane" by the Centaur.


  • Mavronajo (Son) Warrior
  • Kanaa (Daughter) Shaman.
  • Kuvaa (Daughter) Druid
  • Naume (Daughter) Shaman.


Ihynlia was the result of a raid on her mothers village. Her mother was violated by a Grimtotem Raid leader, Ihynlia being the result of that. Ihynlia met up with Kogar years ago a friend from her childhood and together they formed the Stronghoof Tribe.

Criminal RecordEdit

She has done some things due to the influence and stress shes in.

Personal NotesEdit

Some stuff,

Current StatusEdit

Is leading the Stronghoof tribe from Taurajo or Thunder Bluff..

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