Archmage Illayser of the House Flamereaver, seven generations service to Silvermoon and the line Sunstrider
Illayser fire
Character Class: Blood Mage
Race: Blood Elf
Allignment: Lawful Evil
Gender: Male
Age: Uncertain
Spoken Languages Common
Status: Alive

Character Description Edit

Tall and broad-shouldered, Illayser carries an everlasting image of his inheritted pride and arrogance. His eyes are narrowed, often casting a pitiless, condescending stare; once dark blue, they are now coloured in the same sickly green hue as the rest of his race. The cracked thin lips and the constantly wrinkled nose give him an unchanging hostile expression which even a smile does not alter. Several scars mark his hardened face and a long-healed burn stands revealed upon his neck. His hair is in a fiery orange colouring, reaching down his chest and covering his shoulders. Illayser appears physically strong: he lacks the shape of a warrior, but his strength is evident for his ability to handle a weapon.

As a sorcerer, Illayser has been heavily influenced by the Fel his people consumed in the recent years of need and despair. The taint has not left him, nor has he made any attempts to cleanse it. The green colour in his eyes yet keeps burning passionately, fueled by his own considerable power and handled by his unrelenting will.

Illayser is pitiless in terms of attitude, cold and harsh in his decisions. He is rather hasty in his actions, yet they are always carefully calculated. His politeness is as limitless as his arrogance, which he by no means attempts to hide or conceal. He is kind to the people he cares for; and as few as they may remain, they know well that they can trust him with their lives.


The House Flamereaver is a respected family of elven enchanters and sorcerers known for their talent in combat magic. It has served King Anasterian for generations and its loyalty to the throne has remained unquestionable even during Kael'thas' rule. The story behind its origin goes as far as the Trolls' earliest attacks on Silvermoon where a skilled young mage impressed his elders and earned his seat in the aristocracy. The greatest influence of the Flamereavers on historical archives can be seen in the Troll Wars: it is rumoured that these mages were among those who passed the arts of magic onto the human race and helped in founding the city of Dalaran. The most recent activity of the House Flamereaver includes the achievements of their youngest and only son Illayser, whose alchemical discoveries and mastery over the Fire element were renowned among the population of Dalaran before the Third War. Illayser remains the only survivor of the House Flamereaver. His parents and grandparents perished in the last great war and most of their servants followed the same fate. Due to the abrupt end of the Sunstrider line, Illayser's loyalty to Silvermoon has began to falter, but he is nonetheless there, monitoring the progress of his people while keeping a safe distance and wearing a mask of ignorance.


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Criminal RecordEdit

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