Lady Illyrana "Shadowdancer" Lar'nith.

Name Edit

Lady Illyrana "Shadowdancer" Lar'nith.

Physical Traits Edit

Towering at reasonable height, Illyrana looks unlike any regular Blood Elf. Her face seems flawless and young, her eyes sharp as an eagle, bursting with life in a green aura. Her blonde hair, held in place by a Blood Elven hairband, envelopes her shoulders, it appears well kept and combed, not surprising for a Blood Elf.

She moves in a grace of pride and agility, featured by her clothing, handmade and perfectly fitting. Her slender, slim body appears well built and trained for melee orientated combat, however, it does nothing wrong to her beautiful and feminine curvatures of her body.

She appears to have a dark coloured tan, revealing that she spends most of her time in the more sunny corners of Azeroth.

Illyrana carries a necklace, holding the icon of a Phoenix, the resemblance of the Sin'dorei, holding the initials "I.V" engraved on the front. It glimmers in the sunlight, making it no secret that it is made of pure golden materials. It is able to open up, much like a locker. Whenever opened, however rare, a picture of a male Blood Elf and herself is found, each at one side of the necklace.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elven Rogue.

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Occupation Edit

Assassin, loyal to her kind.



Background Edit

Illyrana Lar'nith is a very young and beautiful blood elf, but her looks should not deceive you of the wise and powerful soul within her. Through childhood she has suffered much sorrow and disheartening pain, that it was almost all to be said for in her earlier years, and this dismay lingers in her aching mind throughout every day. One such incident of striking misfortune was the death of her noble family. They were an early target in the big assault of the Scourge due to their home standing in towards the path of the Sunwell and were torn to shreds, Illyrana being the only lucky survivor, if you could call it lucky.

As she grew up, her expertise and mind were nurtured by an assassin who had mastered the destructive arts, and this influence was transferred to Illyrana as she matured and grew, it did not take so long for her to become so proficient with these skills; approaching a foe without a single sound, knowing where to strike at vital points of the body and dispatching them without a struggle.

Forced and driven by her flawless hatred of the undead Scourge, she became a patriotic and protective elf, determined to defend her glorious kin and have revenge on the foul beasts that had so heartlessly murdered her family. Through this, she became a member of some renown in a group surrounded by mystery, which no longer exists however.

Known for her meaningful slaughter of those who threaten her or her race. She has a determination to protect and be merciless to those who dare to tempt her aggression and destructive power. She will protect what she believes in no matter what the cost, doing anything within her considerable power to achieve it. Such qualities are so rarely seen in such a person, who commands such dumbfounding power and expertise.

As one who uses her abilities to smash opponents to pieces, no person who has challenged her in combat has lived to tell such a tale, and a true feat is to leave a fight with Illyrana alive. No one has truly grasped or interpreted the true essences of her strength and determination.

Her protective instinct particularly showed in one important incident. She was responsible for ensuring the safety of a Royal Guard, one Vanaron Morrowcall, and through this, over time, they drew closer and closer together, before finally they became purely attached and loving of each other.

Family Background Edit

Not much is known about the Lar'nith family, Illyrana does not openly speak about her past. One thing that is seen as a fact would be that the house of Lar'nith was a noble one.

Criminal Record Edit

Illyrana has never been caught on criminal offenses to this given point.

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