Imoen Senior Knight of the Scarlet Missonary




Imoen is 5’ 3” tall with dark blue eyes, she has long red hair tied up in a pony tail, She has two piercing one on her eyebrow and one on her nose, one is her mothers wedding ring the other is the wedding ring louise gave her. The red headband she wears is what Aanson gave her when she felt really down, she keeps to remind herself of him.

Race and ClassEdit

Half-Elf (not known in game)


Guild Edit Scarlet Missionary.


Senior Knight of The Scarlet Missonary.


Father: Khallid Sigil - Murdered by Hejin

Mother: Nalia Sigil [Deceased] - Murdered by Arthas's troops

Ex-Fiancee: Ryan - Killed by Khallid

Guardian: Elizabetha


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Family BackgroundEdit

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Current StatusEdit

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Influences used to make ImoenEdit

The name Imoen comes from a well known RPG called Baldur's gate in this game Imoen was very innocent and she was portraid as her characteristics as "a little sister" in some ways my Imoen is like a little sister towards certian players.

Anouther influence I used was taken from a very very very good Anime called Neon Genesis Evangleion, I know you would proberly look at the word "Anime" and instantly think of Dragon ball Z but this anime was verrrry diffrent, if you havn't seen it I would highly recomend it.

Anyway I took the personaity of a character in that called Misato who basicly was really happy amonst her friends but then when she had to be serious and give out orders she would be a whole diffrent person. I also have based Imoen on Misato's true feelings which you find out on one of the last episodes.

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