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((This has already taken place and has passed - I'm just slow with posting it. *grins*))

"True, a new mistress now I serve

The first foe in the field

And with a sterner faith embrace

The sword, a horse, a shield."

Richard Lovelace: To Lucasta, Going To The Wars.

Inexorable - Part Four.

I ride off from Northshire Valley and pass the gates into Elwynn Forest proper, wondering if this was how it felt for my mother when she had compelled my grandparents to take me with them, away from the coming of the old Horde ere it had sacked and razed my birthplace, and the Keep that my father had sworn to defend.

At least, I comfort myself, this is not the case – I have entrusted my precious little twins in the care of Richeron’s family, but not due to the impending invasion of a great army, ready to burn down Stormwind City. That is a comfort.

Yet already do I miss them, their baby scent, so sweet and soothing; their little voices, which they yet have no control of, and only use to utter indications to either discomfort or that they’re hungry; their little fingers trying to take hold of mine; their eyes as they try to focus with them to see my face as I smile down at them.

Oh, my children. Forgive me. I know that I had promised in my heart that I would never leave you as my mother left me – but I have to be sure you will be alright, that you will be safe from harm. If anything was to befall you both either while in my care or in the case of my death while I’d have you with me…

I would never have forgiven myself.

It doesn’t take me long before I reach the Cathedral, still disguised in mask and robe – the only thing that can give me away is my missing right eye, still covered by an eye patch. It takes even shorter a time before Nouala meets me there after I had passed my home and seen her and Kiva speaking together, a State Guard seemingly passing by quite frequently. I had at that time noticed Nomine and asked him discreetly to look into this matter of the advisory council of the Guards wanting me dead – he had seemingly promised to do so.

But now I was in the Cathedral, and as I speak to Nouala Merwyn comes by, inquiring her of something that I have trouble paying attention to until it becomes clear that she speaks of the State Guards. I marvel at the fact that she doesn’t recognise me until I briefly pull down my mask and reveal my identity.

However, this hiding makes my stomach churn and I dislike it so terribly. And after but two hours of being back home, I make up my mind not to cower in the shadows as unto some rogue or thief, and I change into my armour. It feels good – so good.

If someone wants me dead here in Stormwind, I will meet them as a Paladin defender, clad in my armour, carrying my plated shoulder pads and my great hammer, which both are symbols of my status.

I will make my stand. I will fight. For now I choose to be a Knight, which I was taught to be.

By the strength of the Light, may your enemies be undone.

I kneel in prayer, clad in my armour as I recall the words a brother Paladin whispered to me as he placed upon my shoulder the plated pads, and I nod slowly in silence at the words.

May my enemies be undone, I pray in my mind as I clasp my gauntlet hand around the shaft of my hammer.

By the strength of the Light.

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