The Withamhall family. Elizabetha holding Iohannes and Richeron holding Annika.


Iohannes (Iohan) Williaum Istro Withamhall.

Physical traitsEdit

His hair seems to be quite brownish, thus hinting that he'll have roughly the same hair colour as that of his father, Richeron, albeit that is something more certain in the future. His eyes seem greenish.

He is now ten years old. He appears healthy and growing steadily.


Born 17th of June early in the morning in the home of Blueleaff Moonsong in Ashenvale. Arrived a few minutes before his twin sister Annika. Though small, he was deemed healthy. Being the first born, and male, he's subsequently the heir of House Withamhall.


Father - Richeron Miller Withamhall

Mother - Elizabetha Istro Withamhall

Sister - Annika Benedicta Istro Withamhall


Karina della Crue

Merwyn Lindor Morghani

Nouala Irendue Ravenwind


Stoen Isilmë Pongram

(if memory serves)

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