Izara Adelaide Heartfrost

Physical TraitsEdit

Izara stands 5'8" feet tall, taller than you would expect from a Human female. Raven dark hair flows over her shoulders and, when visible, appears to be well taken care of. She has several silver rings piercing both ears, and a small runic tattoo on the back of her neck, which are mostly covered by either her hair or a hood. Noticable are her eyes, which seem to only consist of a blue glow. Her skin is extremely pale, and should you ever come into contact, freezingly cold to the touch. When looked at closely, her lack of breathing indicates she is not one of the living.

Two beautifully crafted rings grace her right hand, one around her ring finger, the other around the middle one. A silver chain hangs from her neck, a jagged, somewhat heartshaped blue stone edging in a silver casing, at the end. It is evident that whoever crafted this piece, did so either in a hurry, or did not know what he/she was doing.

Izara seems to be highly fond of her armor, therefore she wears almost always the same. Her armor usually consists of dark plate, covering most of her body and appearing well cleaned. She can almost always be seen wearing a hood that covers a great part of her facial features. When wearing this, the hood is drawn so far over her face, only her mouth is still visible.

A large, two-handed blade is strapped to her back, held in place by a dark leather strap which crosses her chest diagonally. The blade is held in a black leather sheath, appearing to be made out of a dragons hide. When drawn, runic carvings can be seen adorning the blade, glowing whenever she unleashes magical power.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Female, Death Knight


To her knowledge, all her family members either belong with the Scourge, or are deceased.


Born into a poor family onto the dark streets of Lordaeron, Izara spend most of her childhood sleeping in rat-infested ally's and, more often than not, was forced to submit to thievery in order to stay alive. Her family, consisting of only her father and an older sister, tried to look after her the best they could, and they were happy together. Years went by without any dramatic changes to her existence, until the one night her older sister didn't return from one of her regular trips in search for food. Her father was overcome with grief and died of an illness not that long after.

Izara continued her life the best she could, until the day a farmer caught her stealing food from his lands. He handed her over to the local guard, amongst them an elderly Paladin, named Barret, who took pity on the child and offered to take care of her. From then on her life as a Paladin began. The elderly man began to teach her of the light, and with each passing year her faith grew stronger, as did her ability's. Her training was nearing completion when the Scourge invaded Lordaeron. When Izara caught word of this horrific, bold act, Barret was barely able to convince her to not go running straight into war. Barret himself, however, did go after making Izara promise she would not follow. He never returned. When the news of his death reached Izara, she went into a terrible rage, sneakily joining the next group of soldiers set out for battle. She fought valliantly, but eventually her lack of experience in battle cost Izara her life.

After awakening again, she discovered she had no control over her body, and realised in horror what she had become. Several years she served under the Lich Kings tyranic reign, deprived of her free will, now a mere minion, similair to the ones she fought and despised so much. A Death Knight.

Only recently has her free will has been restored to her. Singled out by the Necromantic Shadow Priestess, Iraneth Zayden, who intercepted her soon after Izara's release, she currently follows Iraneth's command.. now a being nothing like the cheery youth she used to be.

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Criminal RecordEdit

Quite a bit, she used to be a thief when she was a child and was caught several times, though those records were lost when Lordaeron fell. Also she commited horrible crimes as a Scourge and was accused of the murder of hundreds of defensless civilians.


Izara doesn't talk much, usually prefering silence over what she calls 'mindless babbling'. Her personality is nothing like it used to be, she is rather distant and comes across as a cold person. She does not seem to care for much, hardly showing any emotions in the things she does. One would think that the only thing that has changed since her freedom was restored, is that her will is now once more her own. While on the outside she appears calm, within her resides a rage almost unimaginable. The rage comes forth from what she used to be, and what she has become. She holds a great envy towards the living, though she will never show this or admit it.

A notible thing about Izara is that she likes to collect things from her victims. It is unknown why she does this, but she seems to have her own personal stash, varrying from diary's to pendants, insignia's to pieces of armor. When asked about this, often her only response will be a cold stare.

Personal notesEdit

  • Izara rarely reveales her appearance.
  • Izara likes to drag some of the smaller things she has collected with her.
  • Izara despises the Cathedral and would rather not come near it.
  • Izara avoids subjects involving her past.
  • Izara named her sword 'Avery', presumably after her sister.
  • Izara named her horse 'Landgraf'.

Current StatusEdit

Currently in 'service' of Dark Priestess Iraneth Zayden, though one might question her loyalty.

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