Hordecrest small.gif Jacob McDonnel
Image of Jacob McDonnel
Gender Male
Race Forsaken
Class Mage
Age 30 (Human Years)
Affiliation Undercity
Occupation Resident of old Lordaeron.
Status "Alive"
Relative(s) John McDonnel (Father dead) Whitney McDonnel (Mother dead).

Name[edit | edit source]

Jacob McDonnel

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

A Forsaken with rotten skin that seems to be bright for a dead corpse. He has stringy dark hair that smells. He is a normal Forsaken.

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Forsaken Mage.

Guild[edit | edit source]

None at the moment.

Occupation[edit | edit source]

He just wanders around the old city of Lordaeron,where he "lives".

Family[edit | edit source]

His mother and father were simple folk,his father worked as a craftsman and so did his mother. They died at the age of 50 to a disease,they were put in an urn. (Died at WC3:RoC)

Background[edit | edit source]

Born 30 years ago in the Capital City of Lordaeron,Jacob worked alongside his father from an early ge crafting many things for frequent travellers. They worked alot through the day crafting weapons,armour and other items needed,he enjoyed his life. By the time of his third birthday. More and more refugees came from Stormwind and took up shelter in Lordaeron and other kingdoms around the continent. The city soon became full and trade was good.

When he was 9,the city went empty and the refugees left aswell as soldiers to go south and fight the Horde. He stayed at home with his parents. Soon when he was 18 he moved alone to Dalaran after he found he was a Mage after he accidently set somethings on fire after reading a book on Magecraft. He lived in the city quite close to the center of the mageocracy. He soon became a good mage and finished his studies in the city.

One day when an Ambassador from the city left to Lordaeron,Jacob decided to go along and visit his parents,a man approched him when they arrived into the main square and alerted him of his parent's death,he ran home and cried. He attended the fineral where they were put in an urn,to prevent them from being raised as Scourge. He stayed in the city along with others.

A year later Arthas barged into the city and Jacob was killed and raised as a Scourge,he was sent to Sylvanas' unit and he soon broke off into the Forsaken where he moved back into Lordaeron,knowing that he wouldn't be accepted back into Dalaran for obvious reasons. After the Forsaken joined the Horde,he helped as a caster in the forefront of Silverpine forest battling Mages of Dalaran who he had once called "friends". After the Horde Expedition,he stayed back in Lordaeron doing nothing.

Family Background[edit | edit source]

Simple crafters of Lordaeron.

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]


Current Status[edit | edit source]

Living at Lordaeron.

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