Alliancecrest small Commodore Janner Pike
Title(s) Commodore
Gender Male
Race Human Gyptian
Class Rogue
Age 30 (Human Years)
Alignment None
Affiliation Kul Tiras Corsairs
Occupation Naval Commodore
Status Alive
Relative(s) Joren Rothgar Alania-Pike, Eva Pike, Kolonin Pike, Juven Pike, Jeran Pike, Damien Lee Ormsby Pike

Identity Edit

Name: Janner Pike

Race: Human Gyptian

Title: Commodore

Physical Traits Edit

Black, pulled back hair and a tanned skin. Olive-green eyes. Swift and slender with his movements, always keeps his blades in the reach of his hands. Dresses like a noble. Has a hat.

Age: 30

Guild Edit

Kul Tiras Corsairs

Ex-The Wild Rose Society

Ex-The Peoples' Militia

Occupation Edit

Naval Commodore, in the Kul Tiras Corsairs

Master Elemental Leatherworker

Six time winner of the Booty Bay Drink Off -competition.

Former occupations Edit

CEO of Gabble's Tavern, renamed the Rusty Anchor.

Don & Godfather of The Wild Rose Society

Thief, assassin

Sergeant Major of the Army

Spy of the SI:7 and Ravenholdt Manor

Commander of The Peoples' Militia

Manager of the Pike Tavern

Bouncer of the Magic Dragon Inn

Performer of the Performing Pikes


Family Edit

Has a huge family, parents, grandparents, counsins, aunts, uncles.. The youngest of 12 siblings. Comes from a Gypsy-family. Siblings include Juven - 28, Kolonin - 27, Eva - 25 and Joren - 24. Two of his many cousins include Jeran and Damien Lee Ormsby Pike.

Background Edit

Born in a caravan between Thelsamar and Dun Modr. Lived his whole childhood out of a bunch of caravans. His family was of Gyptian descent and made a living by traveling the world, performing their skills (and occasionally robbing places).

Learnt to handle blades and guns at a young age. His own personal performance was made of among other things, throwing daggers into apples on his assistant's head or being able to hit a flying leather ball with his gun.

Moved to Stormwind, after working for the Darkmoon Faire, staying in Elwynn. Got a job at the Magic Dragon Inn, but did a lot of moonlighting as a thief.

Refused to move during the evacuation, and joined the Peoples' Militia after being persuaded by the Commander, an old acquintance of his. He worked his way up the ranks to a Lieutenant.

Was recruited, while drunk, by a recruiter of the Army. He is obligated to fight for the Army, but he doesn't mind. Being a superior bladesman and tactician in battle (to the surprise of many), he ranked quickly, and made his way to the highest ranking officer a gyptian could be, a Sergeant Major.

He won the Gadgetzan Lottery, and, oddly, is now waiting to be Knighted - the first Gypsy to ever be knighted. He has since then continued working for the Militia and the Army, and practicing his leatherworking. He was also found by the SI:7 and Ravenholdt Manor, and now is used frequently on missions of theirs.

On October the 23rd (2006), the Commander of the Militia, Minetha Nightingale was slaughtered along with four others, including her own family, and Lieutenant Janner Pike was promoted to Commander of the Peoples' Militia.

((See The End Is Near..))

On the day of the Commander's funeral, the Peoples' Militia announced their news, and disbanded, forming The Wild Rose Society. Later, the Wild Rose Society disbanded, and Janner joined the Navy (2007). Since then he has been promoted to the rank of Commodore.

Current Status Edit

Working in Stormwind City, at the Stormwind Naval Recruitment Office.

Pike Family Tree

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