Name Edit

Jeney (redhead) Tucker

Physical Traits Edit

About average height for a human and has a pretty face. Has red hair that covers some of her face. Brown eyes that somewhat turn reddish when in the sun.

Race and ClassEdit

Human rogue.

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Occupation Edit



Stan Tucker (Death in battle).

Helen Tucker (Death in labour).

Background Edit

Lived in Lakeshire for 16 years until moving to Stormwind.

Family Background Edit

Jeney's parents had only been married two months before Jeney came into existance. They deciced to settle down in Redridge. Her Father wasn't very intelegent and drank too much, and her Mother was a quiet and weak usualy ill alot of the time.

Jeney's mother died soon after giving birth to Jeney. Her father raised her as best he could before leaving for war. Jeney was only 9 at the time. Soon after her father didn't come back alive. Jeney spent the rest of her time in redridge with her grand parents who cared for her more then they did for her father. Afew years later Jeney travelled to Stormwind to find a job and make a living.

After afew unsucessful carriers Jeney came across the State, she join with enthusiasm. Some how she managed to rise through the ranks to Minister. She enjoyed that time.

Criminal Record Edit

Once got arrested for disturbing the peace whilst drunk. Once triped over a Gnome and got arrested for assult. Was part of the Defias Brotherhood before converting to the State of Stormwind.

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