Jeselith Heir to House Darkstorm


Jeselith Darkstorm

Physical TraitsEdit

A tall, handsome youth with jade green eyes. His long raven black hair falls over one eye.

Race and ClassEdit

Sin'dorei, SpellSword (Warlock)


House Darkstorm



House Darkstorm


Silmarwyn Darkstorm - Sister


Lady Eshteheru Darkstorm

Lord Rag'Thas Darkstorm

Distant Relatives:

Entriia Darkstorm - Unknown releation as of present


Family BackgroundEdit

The Darkstorm family is an old family that goes back before the sundering. The clan has been spread considerably but now little of them remain.

A small number of the clan traveled across the new sea to modern day Lordaeron and became what are now the Sin'dorei. With the coming of the Scourge the Darkstorm family estate was directly in their path, all of his family but Jeselith himself and one sibling were killed.

Criminal RecordEdit

Jeselith has committed several murders within Silvermoon but has never been caught or identified.

Personal NotesEdit

Jeselith has another hunger as well as the magical craving of all Sin'dorei. He is inflicted with a curse that has forced him to draw upon the living essence of others to sustain his life, although he does not necessarily need to kill them unless the need is great.

Jeselith is a quiet youth, preferring to stay in the shadows and out of public view. But he is surprisingly enough, a charismatic character.

Current StatusEdit

Jeselith is spending all his time down within the warlock's Sanctum in Silvermoon city. He has become lost within experiments, further perfecting and blending forms of mana extraction to fuel the sin'dorei urges.

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