Alliancecrest small Jinzao
Title(s) High Elder
Gender Male
Race Pandaren
Class Monk
Age 68
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation Tushui Pandarens
Occupation High elder of The Zao’shen Shao'din
Status Alive.
Relative(s) Kizao (Deceased)

Leyawiin (Deceased)



Physical TraitsEdit

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Race and ClassEdit

Pandaren Monk

Shao'din (Clan)Edit

The Zao'shen Shao'din


Main Occupation:Current High Elder of the The Zao’shen Shao'din

professions: TBD


Father - Kizao (Deceased) Mother - Leyawiin (Deceased)


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Family BackgroundEdit

Jinzao was born the sixty eight years ago he grew up with his loveing parents. His Father was a noble Master of a group of monks known as the Zao’shen monks. His Mother was a shaman who attended to the aid of the wandering isle making sure that elements were happy and at peace. And so the family would live a normal life that akin to that of most of the families on the wandering isle.

Leyawiin (Cause of Death): Death via Old age, Died within her sleep.

Kizao (Cause of Death): Old age, However he took his final resting place in the wood of staves.

Criminal RecordEdit

Nothing of any serious merit just some minor offences from when he was a youth.

Personal NotesEdit

-Loves his Brew like most other Pandarens, However he doesnt drink as much as he once did.

-He also loves to meditate and can be seen meditating if he isnt busy usually.

Current StatusEdit

Leading the members of the newly founded Shao'din to the "new lands" of the alliance.

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