José castell

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José Castell

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A young boy with medium length black hair, looks about 17 years old. He always carries a panicked expression on his face.

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Male Human Priest.

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Searching for someone who can help him fix his "disease".

Personal notes Edit

José is possessed by three different ghosts, however, José has no idea about this, as he himself cannot see the ghosts, only those around him can. Also, whenever his body is taken over, José tends to faint, and when he wakes, has no memory of the event at all, and finds himself puzzled by the injuries covering his body.

The three ghosts of José Edit


(from left to right) The laughing maiden, the dominating force, José and the creature.

  • The laughing maiden, torments josé and those around him for her own personal pleasure.
  • The dominating force, takes over José in order to fulfill his own goals, whether that be destroying those that attempt to remove him from José's body, or a wild attempt at moving to another body.
  • The creature, the most powerful of the ghosts, shows no emotion, and appears the least out of the three, is capable of inflicting huge amounts of mental pain. It's intentions are unknown.

Influences in making José Edit

A very interesting music video:

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