Kaenen Silverlife


Standing at classic elven height, which is about 225cm, Kaenen looks nothing out of the ordinary elf. His body, though usually clad in clothing that conceals most of it, appears slim and more agile than strong. Outstanding features are slightly longer arms and larger hands, which suggests either lots of manual labor or otherwise physically intense activity. Kaenen appears unshaved up close, his white-ish mane dangling unkempt yet clean from his head, which usually has a rather colorful hat placed on top of it. Kaenen gives off a sublte scent of earth.

Striking eyes which seems ever-focused on everything within their range and a permanent, soft smile ornates Kaenen's visage, which usually gets mistaken for a thuggish look because of the hair dangling freely infront. His low, yet clear voice usually escapes his lips with minimal facial movement. Kaenen carries a belt equipped with a small dagger and a couple of bags which contains medicine and poisons.


Kaenen was born as the oldest brother of three, Adrias and Tineldo being the two others (Both of which are currently dissapeared, one dead.) Kaenen had a natural talent, as so many elves, for moving around swiftly and silently, and so automatically got educated as a scout.

Though still fond of Darnassus and Ashenvale, his birthplace, Kaenen currently resides in Shattrath City where he has found himself a habit of being occupied with helping others constantly.

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