Hordecrest small Cheiftain Kag'ar Boneshatter, the Unrelenting Terror
Title(s) Chieftain Boneshatter, he Unrelenting Terror
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Death Knight
Age Unkown
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Affiliation The Boneshatter Clan
Occupation Chieftain of the Boneshater Clan
Status Deceased, possesing the body of Claireriel Telanorei
Relative(s) N/A


Chieftain Kag'ar Boneshatter (Also known as Stone Guard within the Earthfury Clan)

Physical TraitsEdit

Kag'ar is a muscular hulking behemoth of an Orc clad thickly in armour that only adds to his allready bulging size. He is an Orc more than capable of crushing skull beneath boot and shattering bone with the blow of a fist. He often weilds heavy weapons, maces capable of decimating bones or axes capable of cleaving a man clean in half. He is however, Undead, fallen within the dread citadel Naxxramas when it once hovered over the festering Eastern Plaguelands. Kag'ar Boneshatter is now an Ebon Knight, his flesh darkened through unholy magics and dotted with scars gained by the wounds he received during his honourable death within Naxxramas.

Race and ClassEdit

Orc Death Knight


The Boneshatter Clan


Chieftain of the Boneshatter Clan


Mu'rarg Boneshatter (Father / Deceased) Urani Boneshatter (Mother / Deaceased) Grok Boneshatter (Brother / Deceased)


Kag'ar Boneshatter comes from the Boneshatter Clan,one of least known Orcish clans, originating and founded upon the planet of Draenor. The Boneshatter Clan was an infamous Clan of Orc's known for its vast consumption and inevitably succesful hunts for Draenei meat. But the diet of a Boneshatter Orc was not limited to blue meat of Draenei, they would feast upon the flesh of anything they killed during their mass hunts, cooked..or raw off the bone. The Boneshatter Clan's blood however is now all but dried up, almost all deceased, only Kag'ar remains as an echo of what the Boneshatter Clan was. However the Death Knight Orc has no intention of letting the Boneshatter Clan so easily evapourate into history so easily, dreams and visions fill this Orc's mind. Screams echoing across Kalimdor, the pugent smell of fear in the air, and the waters running red with blood. These visions are what drives Kag'ar in his search to acheive his persoanl goal, the restoration of the Boneshatter Clan and the means to take back the honour he lost through his unholy re-birth.

Personal NotesEdit

Ruthless Merciless Cunning

Current StatusEdit

Deceased, possesing the body of Claireriel Telanorei

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