Theramore Military Archive, File Number: TTF257Edit

<A picture is attached to the front of the file>

Lieutenant Colonel Kaijan Vaylor, illustrated by Belvane

Name: Kaijan "Duke" Vaylor

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Occupation: Commander of the Theramore Task Force. Alliance Ambassador.

Authorization Code: TTF257.89

Security Level: RED

"Dear Lady Jaina Proudmoore, this is the file
Major Badge

Theramore's official rank insignia of "Lieutenant Colonel" - worn by Kaijan Vaylor.

requested of Lieutenant Colonel. Kaijan Vaylor, the Commander of the Theramore Task Force."

Characteristic ArchiveEdit

"Mi'lady, below is a collection of personal archived information about Lt. Col. Vaylor. I and several others within Theramore have observed him secretly with fascination over the past few weeks and have managed to bring you the following. I hope you are satisfied with our work."

The Lieutenant Colonel stands at 38 years, and might I say, a young age to be giving him this position. However, he is a determined and well respected individual and I support your decision without faulter. Vaylor is rarely seen in Civilian Clothing and prides himself of being formal, noble, clean and tidy. His loyalty to Theramore is unquestionable Mi'lady, he believes himself to have high morale standards and I'm sure he'll serve honourably with pride and passion.

Unlike many in our race, the Lieutenant Colonel doesn't follow the true religious might of the light. Even though he respects its servants, he chooses to make his own decisions and to move himself forward individually, saying, and I quote "The challenge of life is to accomplish your own dreams, to dominate your fears and to believe in yourself". He is however, an extensive reader of Lore and Philosophy, and has even installed "The Nine Noble Virtues" to the Task Force Recruitment Detail. He himself follows those virtues, and believes that they're a way of living, especially for a soldier.

Kaijans Signature

Kaijan Vaylor's Signature.

Lt. Col. Vaylor studied Law and Business at Lordaeron University as a late teen, earning "A Qualification" degrees in both. During his schooling, he also took up a side subject of Public Relations, and qualified with a "B Qualification" , earning his Diplomatic Diploma. In his spare time, he would often spend hours sitting alone in his bedroom, reading through law and public relation books, and would often accompany his father on his daily watchman patrols. It was apparent he not always wanted to join the military, but intended on becoming a full time Diplomat instead, however his father insisted he served his duty and to fully understand what it was like to be a man. He respected the influence of his family, and eventually signed up to the 23rd Footmans Battalion, being ushered almost immediatly to a training camp in Strahnbrad.

Kaijan Portrait

Portrait of Kaijan Vaylor, illustrated by Matafleur.

<The following resides elsewhere, turn to Third War Military Service, Chapter 2>

Mi'lady, the Lt. Col's main job as Commander of the Task Force is to secure the safety of his Marines. It is well known throughout Theramore that he treats them as if they're his children, and that their safety is his top prioritory, whatever the case may be. He is a master of Diplomacy and a formiddable Commander in the military, growing into a fair tactician and combatant, enjoying his job to the fullest and doing it with the upmost loyalty and pride. He has however, been known to take rare mood swings if a case does not land in his favour. Marines have commented on the Lieutenant Colonel's temper and have been known to worry that they'll be in his firing line.

Despite not wanting to join the military, Vaylor is a highly respected soldier, and has a great knowledge of law. He is highly democratic, letting each and every one of his Marines have their say and welcomes their shared opinions. He listens to them ... he understands what they say and uses it as an iron fist to improve his Task Force. He treats himself as if noble, and is proud of his cleanliness, believing that presentation and appearance are a major factor to organising a military regiment. Being a loyal Commander and a responsible Diplomat, I believe the Lieutenant Colonel has the correct experience and will-power to see his job through, thus making him a perfect choice for the Task Force CO." <Signed> Clerk Lendry.

Third War Military Service (Years 20-21)Edit

"Mi'Lady, below are the past archives dug-up of Lt. Col. Vaylors military service during the Third War".

Kaijan Vaylor was first stationed at Hearthglen attatched to the 23rd Footmans Battalion under the command of Prince Arthas Menethil. He served and fought bravely as the Scourge persistantly attacked the town, salvaging his and the civilians lives, coming out with a minor injury to his left leg. He was only a Corporal at the time ... he was young and inexperienced, but nevertheless strong willed and determined.

After being ordered to mobilize towards the town of Stratholme and due to his injuries he was transferred to a Dwarven Battery Unit, working in the Logisitcs Battalion, prepping the cannons for siege. After the bloodbath and butchery he didnt witness first hand, he sent a letter of resignition to his superiors, unwilling to follow his Prince north, quoting to his fellow soldiers "The mans changed, his insane obsession will obliterate us all." Unusually, the resignition went through, and he was tossed out of the army as they rallied to invade Northrend.

Several days later he returned to Lordaeron alone, stripped of his uniform. He spent a week at his home, convincing the rest of his family to follow the words of Medivh, and to pack up their house. They declined and he left almost immediatly, sending a letter of enslitment to the Marines of what was to become Theramore. He was granted a position, and left the Eastern Kingdoms at Lady Proudmoore's side.

Kaijan Hand Drawn

Lieutenant Colonel. Kaijan Vaylor, leading the Marines of Theramore into battle at the Fenris Isle Siege. Illustrated by Lucentio.

The platoon Vaylor was attatched to assisted Lady Proudmoore in seeking out the Stonetalon Mountains and finding the Prophet. He remained loyal and vigilant as they engaged contact with Thralls Horde. After calling an allegiance, Vaylor took the time to improve his skills with a blade, coming to grips with various techniques and often being trained by his commanding officers. He took several days of "leave" afterwards before mobolizing to the base of Mount Hyjal, preparing for the defence of the World Tree. He was promoted to the rank of "Captain" by Lady Proudmoore on the eve of the battle for his outstanding efforts against the defiled Warsong Clan and under the command of Major Ronald Goldwood. He fought honourably and bravely against the Burning Legion, taking multiple injuries as they pounded through Lady Proudmoores garrison of soldiers. He was portalled to the Infirmary based at Tyrande Whisperwinds outpost, to where he recieved medical treatmeant for the duration of the battle.

Current Status Edit


After the destruction of Theramore devastated all that he lived for, Lieutenant Colonel Kaijan Vaylor gathered the rest of the Theramore Task Force and fled, with Lady Jaina Proudmoore, to Dalaran. The destruction, and his failure to save more lives than he would have liked, the Lieutenant Colonel has fallen into a new state of hatred for the Horde, even so far as taking up alcohol to remove his sorrows. While he maintains a stature of pride and professionalism in front of the remainder of his Marines, Lieutenant Colonel Kaijan Vaylor knows that his life will never be as it once was.

The Lieutenant Colonel, forever faithful, has remained by the Lady Jaina's side, and has reorganised the Task Force in favour of acting as her personal security detachment and elite guard. With but a skeleton of its former strength remaining, the Task Force no longer takes on the high profile assignments it did in the past; escorting the Lady Jaina, removing thieves and ruffians from the streets of Dalaran, and small excursions into Theramore's remains is all that they are capable of. Lieutenant Colonel Kaijan Vaylor does, however, aim to rebuild the Task Force in the hope that they can act as the last vestige of Theramore to bring down the bloodthirsty Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream, with whom Kaijan now holds a personal vendetta.

Military Letters & Reports Edit

  • <A letter to Jaina Proudmoore is seen in this section. Dated: 16th June>

Dear Lady Jaina Proudmoore, the patrol of Duskwood had consequences and results. During our patrol of Raven Hill we came up against a band of fanatics who dub themselves the "Shadow Pact". We were immediatly surrounded and the Marines of the Force suddenly acted instinctively to protect their commanding officer. I was very proud of the troops last night for their outstanding, brave efforts. We managed to locate Lieutenant Irontoe who was chained to a wall within a ruined building. We brought him out and called an immediate retreat to Theramore, where Trauma Surgeon Gustaff was there to lend a hand. He too worked all night and today to get the troops back on form and ready for action as soon as possible. A small list of the injured is printed below this letter. Recommendations shall be sent to you for review, as I truely think these men deserve it, Regards, Lt. Col. Kaijan Vaylor. <The Injury List is clearly missing from the file>

  • <A letter to Jaina Proudmoore hangs underneath. Dated: 24th June>

Dear Lady Jaina Proudmoore, as you may of realised, Theramore fell victims of an unsuspected attack from the cult "Shadow Pact" last night. During our military inspection we heard the alarm bells clang and we immediatly took action in setting up a defensive perimeter around the Docks to make sure the cult didnt break through. Unfortunately they forced their way in, slaying several Marines as they did. The troops of the Task Force tactically broke up their united force and took advantage of our home ground. Accompanied by the City Marines, the Task Force battled on into the night against the Pact, resulting in taking 4 of them captive, inlcuding their Rogue Leader while dumping the rest into the open sea. Lieutenant Irontoe and Marine Ladimore interrogated the group, finding out that the Pact were after my head, believing that I and the Task Force were a threat to alliance peace. After further interrogation Lieutenant Irontoe gave the order to throw them all into the sea and to fend for themselves. I have attached a list of the brave Marines that were lost, all of which fought with a high level of courage to defend their nation. I will report to you personally later in the week when I have fully recovered, Regards, Lt. Col. Kaijan Vaylor. <The injury list has been torn from the letter>

  • <A letter to Jaina Proudmoore hangs underneath the second. Dated: 20th July>

Dear Lady Proudmoore, the Patrol of Tanaris came out a complete success on Friday evening. At 20:00 hours we gathered at the Steamwheedle Port and organised a bomb squad to carry explosives as the rest of the Marines marched on into Riggers Cove. We secured and eliminated the outlying defences of the Docking Compound at around 21:00 hours after tireless fighting with the Treasure Hunting thieves. We then made our formal assault, ransacking the houses in search of the missing supply shipments. We were met by heavy resistance and defeated one of their Captains early on in the frey. Marines Screwloose and Jugebearer planted highly volitile explosives onto two cargo frigates which were docked at the compound. They exploded into shreads 10 minutes later. After securing the compound we conducted a thorough search, uncovering and retrieving our missing shipments, and a log book from the pirates ranking officer. This has been forwarded to you for extra analysis. Our only casualty was the report of now missing Lieutenant Gregor Irontoe who has not yet returned. My deepest regards, Lt. Col. Kaijan Vaylor.

<A seperate dossier is attatched to this part of the file. Inside are several bulky and well detailed reports>

TTF CavalryJPG

Lt. Col. Kaijan Vaylor rides with Capt. Zarah Springvale during the Theramorian Expedition to Northrend.

Criminal Record Edit

<This section of the documented file is blank and clean. It is believed that the Lt. Col's father was a Lordaeron City Watchman, and ensured his son treated the law with respect>

History Edit

<Lieutenant Colonel. Vaylor's past archives haven't either been found or recorded, and most still remains a mystery to this day>

Family Edit

<The following is all the detailed information we have about the Lieutenant Colonel's family>

  • Father: Peter Vaylor (Killed in Action - Presumed)
    • A Lordaeron City Watchman who was presumed K.I.A following the Scourge Invasion. It is presumed that Peter often taught his sons Modern Law and ensured that they respected the ruling of officials.
  • Mother: Yulma Vaylor (Murdered)
    • A maid serving in the house of a Senator. She too was killed following the Scourge Invasion. She refused to listen to her son after his pleadings for her to follow him to Kalimdor and to heed the words of Medivh.
  • Siblings: Gathorian Vaylor (Killed in Action - Presumed)
    • Kaijans older brother was four years older than he, and was with his father as a City Watchman Recruit during the Scourge Invasion. He was also presumed K.I.A with his body being unfound after the aftermath. It is most likely he is a walking ghoul.
  • Pets: Tilly
    • A white kitten given to him by his Marines as a "get well" present during his days in hospital. She is also used as a trinket of his mens loyalty towards him.

Famous Quotes Edit

<The following quotes about/to the Lieutenant Colonel are considered iconic within the Theramore Task Force >

  • “Marines, if the Lieutenant Colonel says suck his cock, you suck his cock.” - Nephris Coalmine.

The Footlocker Edit

<Mi'Lady, inside his footlocker Lieutenant Colonel. Vaylor keeps the following items:>

Theramore Tabard: Vaylor seems to never remove his Theramore colours, and wears them proudly to represent his homeland.

Lieutenant Colonel Insignia Badge: This badge resembles the Lieutenant Colonel's position in the Theramore Army, and has a rather unique Task Force symbol attatched.

"Ribal'Tael", The Sword of Major. Goldwood: Most recently, Vaylor was presented with the old sword of the first Theramore Task Force Commander, Major Goldwood. Redeemer Shadowbane, Vaylors Executive Officer had been planning on presenting him this blade for some time, and deemed it necessary that the Winter Veil Celebrations were a perfect opportunity. Vaylor now wields this blade with pride over his men, and intends for it to be the pinnacle of his combat leadership.

Type-30 One Barrelled Flintlock: The Lieutenant Colonel favours this weapon, using it to keep jurisdiction and to control any fight he enters. It fires small mithril shells, which can blow a hole into somebody several inches wide.

Theramore Sniper Model v.102: Rarely using it, the Lieutenant Colonel holds a unique rifle as a spare weapon. It rests along the back wall of his Footlocker most of the time but uses it primarily on recon patrols. It has been recognised amongst Task Force soldiers that several Marines are being equipped with this model of rifle.

Cigar Pouch: Vaylor has a unique weakspot for large cigars. He claims he smokes them to calm his nerves, and to keep him within a content mood. He has them specially made, and will be seen smoking them almost every hour of the day.

Winters Fictional

Fictional adaptation of Major. Winters, portrayed by Damian Lewis in Band of Brothers.

Influences Edit

Kaijan is mostly derived from my ideas but has essences of several fictional and non-fictional characters. Below are the two most influential people that I base my character on.

Major. Richard D. Winters ( A Major in the American 101st Airborne Division, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Easy Company.

( Movie depicting what Kaijan is like.

Winters led an attack that destroyed a battery of German 105 mm guns which were firing onto the causeways that served as the principal exits from Utah Beach. The guns were defended by approximately one platoon of German troops, while Winters had only thirteen men. This action south of the village of Le Grand-Chemin is often referred to as the Brécourt Manor Assault. The attack is still taught at the military academy at West Point as an example of a text book assault on a fixed position. In addition to destroying the battery, Winters also obtained a map detailing all German defenses in the Utah Beach area. He was and is arguably the best field commander to have ever lived.

Winters acts as a father and protector of his men, which is also shown in Kaijans personality. They both treat their men with the same ammount of respect and make them feel wanted, earning the respect and loyalty from them in battle. He also has immense courage to lead his men head on into a collison of death, he will step forward in front of any of his troops, to ensure he risks his own life before theirs.

Captain. Ronald Speirs ( A Captain in Dog Company/Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 101st Airborne Division, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

BOB RonSpeirs

Fictional adaptation of Captain Speirs portrayed by Matthew Settle in Band of Brothers.

( Second movie influenced for Kaijan.

Speirs parachuted into Normandy on June 6, 1944 (or D-Day) and quickly met with fellow troops after landing. He assembled a small group of soldiers to assist during the Brecourt Manor Assault, where he single-handedly captured the fourth 105mm Howitzer. Due to Easy Company's role as primary assault company, Dog Company did not see as much action as Easy. However, it still participated in many engagements during the war, and both Speirs and Dog Company were at Bastogne. When Easy Company's initial attack on the German-occupied town of Foy bogged down due to the poor leadership of its commander, 1st Lieutenant Norman Dike, battalion executive officer Captain Richard Winters ordered Speirs to relieve Dike of command. The selection of Speirs was random; Winters later stated that Speirs was simply the first officer he saw when he turned around. Speirs successfully took over the assault and led Easy Company to victory. He was reassigned as commanding officer of Easy Company and remained in that position for the rest of the war. Of the officers who commanded Easy Company during the war, Speirs commanded the longest.

Kaijan and Speirs have a very similar technique in combat leadership. They are both brave, firm, unhesitant and risky. They're also both straight to the point and wouldn't ask a soldier to do anything that he couldn't do himself. Like Winters, Speirs would do anything and everything for his men and would risk his own life if it meant that his regiment avoided erradication. Kaijan also uses Speirs's signature quote. "Soldier, you hide because you think there's still hope, but the only hope you have is to accept the fact you're already dead. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you'll be able to function as a soldier is supposed to function: without mercy, without compassion, without remorse. All war depends upon it."

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