Alliancecrest small Kaliv
Title(s) The Shade
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Assassin
Age 29 (Human Years)
Alignment True Neutral
Affiliation His current contracter
Status Alive
Relative(s) William Blackshield Junior Lord William Harl Blackshield Lady Ophelia Blackshield Veria Blackshield

Name Edit

True identity: Lord Carlen Blackshield

After beginning his training: Kaliv

Finishing his training: The Shade, or Kaliv

As his hunter alias: David Carlton

As his acheologist alias: Jafred Haleon

There may be more aliases, but those are unknown.

Race and ClassEdit

OOC: LV 80 Male Human Rogue

IC: Assasin

Physical Traits Edit

Kaliv is of usual hight for a human, around 1,75m. He also looks slim, and he doesnt look very muscular on the outside. His face is always neutral, carrying a mask of calmness. The hair is jet black and quite long, covering his face if you are looking at him from the left. The cheek is adorned with a small beard, wearing the same color as his hair. The eyes are always as calm, almost uninterested, as the rest of the face. They are deep green, like a forest at nighttime. The nose that is fitted into the face is beautifuly shaped, like an artist has been to work. Through a quick look, you can see its never been broken. The rest of the face isnt carrying a single scar. It is as clean of any marks as a blank paper.

Guild Edit

Currently contracted by The Dark Embrace.


Father: Lord William Harl Blackshield. Killed by Scourge in the Slaughtering of Blackshield Manor, currently a mindless ghoul.

Mother: Lady Ophelia Blackshield. Killed by Blackrock orcs in a raid against Lakeshire.

Little Brother: William Blackshield Junior. Presumeably killed alongside his mother in Lakeshire.

Big Sister: Veria Blackshield. Killed in the Slaughtering of Blackshield Manor. Body probably used by necromancers.

Background Edit

((Coming Soon))

Family Background Edit

See House Blackshield.


He is the Twentythird Dorados'no.

Criminal Record Edit

As Carlen Blackshield and protected by his father's high standing, Kaliv was never charged for anything. As Kaliv, he has no criminal records, either. In fact, in one searches for any documentation or records on Kaliv, there is none to be found anywhere.

Weapons Edit

Kaliv carries with him a large arsenal of weapons, hidden in different parts of his clothing. He is rarely carrying every single one with him, though.

- Daggers: Kaliv is always carrying his pair of daggers on him. If they arent visible, they are hidden somewhere in his clothing. These arms are the favorite weapon Kaliv has.

- Bow: A elven-crafted bow, easily picked into two pieces and reasembled. Equiped with a sniper scope. Noone knows where he got it from.

- Swords: Rarely used. A pair of commonly forged metal blades. Forged by a unknown weaponsmith.

- Throwing Knives: Kaliv usually carries with him a set of these hidden in secret pockets in his clothing. Stolen off Syndicate members.

- Handclaws: A weapon Kaliv favors. Also rarely used. The weapon consists of two metal claws and attached to a wooden handle. Forged by a unknown blacksmith.

- Maces: A pair of medium-weighing hammers. Most rarely used of all his weapons. Forged by a unknown blacksmith.

Assasination ToolsEdit

These are used when taking out a target or silently and subtlently clearing the path for the kill. They are never used in true combat.

- Poison needles: Small metal pins, looking much like needles. Has a small compartment on its unsharp edge, looking like a small ball, that contains the poison best suited for the situation. Is used by unseed stabbing it into the target and letting the stored poison inject into the victim. It can easily penetrate normal clothing and leather, if stabbed in hard, but has no chance against mail or plate armor. The Needle is an invention the the Blade Phantom created.

- Rotworms: Kaliv took interest in the mutated worms, that use plagued corpses as natural habitat and their special abilities, like growing very fast once they have enough food. He has bred a new, improved version of them, that grows up even quicker, are resistant to various types of acid and feeds on living flesh as well. Used by planting the eggs (half the size of a thumbnail) in the victim's already cooked food. The eggs then hatch inside the stomach and the rapidly growing worms eat their way through the victim, inevitably killing it.

- Poison: The Dorados'no have created some of the most lethal types of poisons, and they are used in food, drink, on weapons, in poison needles and many more ways. Some poisons are the Blackdrop poison, Deathwine poison and Mindquencher poison.

- Acid: Falls under the same category as poison, but is only used in cases where the victim isnt to die quickly. Kaliv recently, with the discovery of the jormungar worms, developed the acid solution ever better. Using the jormungar acid that easily melts away rock in the base of the solution, it is now even more dangerous, capable of dissolving metal and most solid materials in seconds.

- Garroting String: Kaliv almost always carries one of these on him, hidden somewhere, possibly disguised as something else. They come in many materials that have been tested, developed and perfected by the earlier Dorados'no.

- Daggers: Also falls under this category, since they are more used in assasinating than normal fighting. Kaliv favors striking at the enemies lungs for the most silent kill, or the throat (not the arteries). If going for a quicker kill, he goes for the heart.

Current Status Edit

Active and working. Still proving himself to the Blade Phantom to show that he is fully trained and worthy of the Dorados'no secrets.


Kaliv is mostly based on a character from the game Fire Emblem (for Game Boy Advances), called Jaffar. He is a legendary assasin, trained under the head villian from childhood and almost never says a word. When you have him, he's one of the best units ever, impossible to hit and almost always uses a supercrit to kill his enemies instantly.

Another one who has influenced Kaliv's creation is Altaïr from Assasins Creed, with his calm attitude and sneaky way of assasinating his targets without a sound.

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