Kalliades Aurios


Kalliades Aurios.

Physical TraitsEdit

Slim but muscular physique, average height for a human. He has a scar that runs across the bridge of his nose up to his right eye.

Race and ClassEdit

Human, warrior.


Formerly a member of the Scarlet Mission to Stormwind.

Commander of a State Guard unit set up in Stormwind during the dire times under High Lord Bolvar's and the child King's rule.

Officer of The Dark Embrace.

Commander of a reserve Battalion stationed in Stormwind.

Disciple of The Dark Embrace.

Commander of Stormwind's First Reserve Battalion (again).

Lord Marshal of The State Of Stormwind




Cousin: Xeineth Aurios

Current StatusEdit

Acts as Lord Marshal in the state.

Influences used for KalliadesEdit

Kalliades in The Dark Embrace: Inspired by Rugal Burnstein and Kratos Aurion.

Kalliades in The State of Stormwind, The State and The Battalion: Inspired by Cao Cao and Lord Garithos.


"Impressive. That would have taken me out if it had hit!"

"Defeat is not an option, only victory."

"Strength, discipline, unity. These are the words we abide by."

"The day that I become a cultist will be the day I swear allegiance to the Warchief."

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