Name[edit | edit source]

Karina della Crue

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

Young, early 20s, strong woman with Latino features - dark short cropped hair, pale skin which blushes often and easily, and with sparkling eyes that see more than she lets on. Often seen in adventuring gear, although she does try to dress up a bit when in Stormwind especially for her gentlemen friends. Through some of her more revealing dresses and blouses on her back you can see a 2 inch scar at the bottom of her ribs.

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Human Rogue with a dabble of past training in the arcane arts Mordacious of the Kirin Tor.

Guild[edit | edit source]

Sanctum Eternal

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Karina has no fixed employment at present. She does errands for money and for her own ends. She's more interested in pursuing her training in the rogue arts. She still is getting acquainted with Stormwind and its ways. You may hear her laughing at herself as she takes yet -another- wrong turn to get where she's meant to be going. She is still learning enchantment and is adept at first aid. Reluctantly learning fishing and cooking as well, but has a natural knack for fishing. She's slowly beginning to enjoy practicing. She has an unusual talent for massage which only a very select few ever discover. Her real talent lies surprisingly with sewing. She can often be found passing time embroidering a sleeve cuff or practicing a new stitch until it is perfected.

Family[edit | edit source]

Father was an absent pirate of the worst kind. She inherited a certain understandable aversion to pirates. He may be dead or alive, not that she would care either way. He had 19 wives each in a different port or seaside town. Her own relationships are all tainted by her father's legacy to her of easily loving and falling in love with more than one person at a time. Her mother was too young, too naive and too wrapped up in her own heartache to be of much of a mother. She found solace in a bottle of rum and never emerged. She was taken by the Scarlets and never seen again - presumed dead. Karina has 31 bastard siblings that she knows of through her father's boastings but has never met or seen any of them. Her grandparents may still be alive.

Background[edit | edit source]

Born and raised in Booty Bay. The bastard daughter of a pirate of the worst kind - selfish, rude, cruel and absent. She only saw him 9 times in her life. She has an understandable dislike of pirates and their ilk. She was always taking care of her mother and their business from a young age. They ran a tavern near the port for sailors and among them pirates. She became adept with a dagger for self defense at a tender age due to necessity. She had attracted unwanted 'attention' as soon as she began to mature. She learned to deal with situations in the tavern environment which serve her well today. She won't look for trouble, but she will stand up for herself. Working all hours to keep the tavern business running, she didn't notice that her drunken mother was being wooed by strangers in the town. The Scarlets convinced her broken-hearted and sodden mother to join them and she left without a word of goodbye or warning. Karina dropped everything in the Bay to try and retrieve her mother - her lifelong responsibility. It was a long and difficult journey from the Vale to Stormwind. Along the road in Duskwood, she was informed by other travellers that a funeral had been held that very day for someone who fit the description of her mother. She is now presumed dead. Karina continued her journey to the city in pursuit of revenge, but has come to realise her mother had been dead inside for most of her life - but she still has a special hatred for the Scarlets.

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

None in Stormwind. Known to what authorities do exist in Booty Bay. Investigated in cases of self defense and stabbings of pirates usually wounded in the throat or groin - never prosecuted or charged due to circumstances and lack of evidence.

Worked as an Officer Law Keeper during the brief days of The Order's policing of Stormwind.

Personal Notes[edit | edit source]

Karina can control her passionate temper at most times, but occassionally something will snap. In times of necessity, she can think on her feet and defuse situations with ease. She learned from years of dealing with drunken pirates that charm and over the top use of manners can amuse and deflect often escalating situations. She assesses situations swiftly but can often be a little too curious for her own good. In fact, her curiosity gets her into more trouble than she'd ever admit. She is fiercely protective of her friends, her new family as she sees them, and will often endanger herself where normally she wouldn't. She has a cheerful laugh and is often joking about. She drinks perhaps too much, but is trying to learn to curb this slightly. She is good at asking the right questions and often can pry information from people without them necessarily noticing or meaning to share so much. She feels at home in Stormwind - compared to the Bay it is a haven of safety, learning and sophistication.

Interesting Facts[edit | edit source]

Her father gave her 9 names. She will tell you most of them, but never gives them all to anyone. She knows the stories of the voodoo trolls and the power that resides in a person's name. She speaks slang from the Bay occassionally. She knows another language but never speaks of it. She's quite flirtatious in nature which also gets her into even more trouble.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Her brief relationship with a druid elf has now come to an end. She realised she needs Mordacious in her life though perhaps not as her husband. She has left after her brief time at the Stormwind Academy. She knew she wasn't really cut out for the student life, but thought she should give it a try. Newly joined to Sanctum Eternal, she is finding her place among them and spending as much time as possible blushing and looking happy in the company of Sancto.

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