Sethesh Von Karnstein

Physical TraitsEdit

Originally an elderly human male with grey hair, he has regained a measure of his youth. Now blonde.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Mage



Betrayer. Deceiver. Murderer. Cultist.


Nephew, rumoured to be a Death Knight


An ambitious student growing up in Dalaran. Sethesh quickly became enamoured with the power he gained. Hungering for more, he practiced forbidden experiments within the sewers. One such experiment resulted in him contracting a wasting sickness that would go on to cripple him in later life. A chance encounter with a Twilight Cultist gave him hope for a cure, all it would cost him was his soul. Has acted as an agent for the Old Gods ever since.

Family BackgroundEdit

Mother and father died during the Second War.

Brother became a blacksmith in a small village. Missing.

Never married.

Criminal RecordEdit

Not officially charged by any authority. Murder, treason, blackmail, corruption.

Personal NotesEdit

Ruthless, yet not particually cruel. Doesn't take pleasure in random acts of sadism, but isn't above using his powers to intimidate others. Now that his youth is returned to him, he is trying desperately to escape his servitude.

Current StatusEdit

Recently aquired his youth and a cure to the illness that was killing him, his enemies of old are unaware of this and so he is able to move unnoticed among the populace of Alliance cities.

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