Katra Zil ShukilEdit

Katra Zil Shukil are a dark Magic based order following the teachings of The Fel Queen. Herself and her commandants offer teaching in various paths such as:

Balance and Destruction



The Fel Queens motives for offering these services are as of yet unknown.


After moving to Stormwind from many years trapped in Northrend, Ellythia Sunwing joined a well known gang for a short while for her protection.

Her confidence grew and she located a powerful teacher of the Warlock arts, he saw Ellythias great power (a result of many years of practise) and enlisted her as a student. She quickly discovered the man's weakness' and killed him herself with a demon assistant. She quickly demanded the unwavering loyalty of the teachers students and had the rest quickly disposed of, no matter how great the student. This act only strengthened her hold over these budding warlocks. She recruited more students of many different backgrounds and all have been learning together since.

Today the order still meet in secret but bonds are tighter and more lee-way is given to those The Fel Queen trusts.

They are working on deciphering an ancient Eredar mystery and protecting themselves from retaliation by the Peace Keepers.

NotesEdit It's not much but it's being worked on.

Current StatusEdit

The members are hidden away in training and looking for more items of power that interest them.


Ellythia Sunwing

Vaelen Marlsdottir

Caelith Shadowheart

Loutet Marton

Lunax Darkmyst

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