Hexer Kelaani

Physical TraitsEdit

Kelaani is a curvy troll woman, not plump but bumps in the right places, she is an adult woman but cheeky in her attitude. Her garb would be deemed primitive or tribal. Bits of carved bone beads are interwoven through her hair and she has tribal markings on her arms. She often has her pet snake Hethiss circling her feet.

Race and ClassEdit

Troll Shaman


Atal Loa


To other races Kelaani is a renowned cook. She is also of a darker agenda and a Hexer of some power.


Hethiss her snake that she coddles as a child/friend. Kelaani is more driven with the plight of her people than her own personal intimacies, altho she would have liked a mate it hasn't happened for her yet.


Not a lot is known of Kelaani's background, she is Darkspear tribe and views it as her mission in life to instruct the younger people of the Old Ways and return the Gurubashi to their homelands with Darkspear at the forefront of that. She is well travelled but downplays her intelligence for her own agenda.

Family BackgroundEdit

She chooses not to divulge her background.

Personal NotesEdit

Kelaani plays the fool so others won't become aware what she is up to.

Current StatusEdit

Recently joined with other Trolls whose ethos and desire to return her people to their forefront is parallel with her own aspirations.

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