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Keridara in Tanaris

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Title(s) "Queen" of the Goldtongue Nomads
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Merchant
Age 23
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation The Goldtongue Nomads
Occupation Merchant
Status Alive
Relative(s) None Known.

Physical TraitsEdit

Unlike many of the stoic warrior's who inhabit Azeroth, Keridara boasts an overly plump form.

Standing at the average height for a human woman of twenty three years, Keridara's decadent lifestyle has transformed her into a massively obese young woman, who is often compared to an Elekk or a Riverbeast.

Keridara's longish black hair has been intertwined with thin tendrils of gold (resembling something akin to highlights), and she wears a tiara, adorned with a myriad of sparkling Gems. Her massive frame is covered in a collection of golden jewellery and multi-coloured gems.

One such ornament is the golden ring which pierces her belly button, and is decorated with a tiny diamond.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Merchant.


Currently the leader of a nomadic group.


Keridara is a the leader of a band of nomadic merchants, known as the Goldtongue Nomads, and considers herself to be a "Merchant Queen".


Keridara's mother died in childbirth, and her father went missing around the same time that reports of suspicious pirate activity across the coasts of Tanaris started to increase.

She lost contact with her brother after winning control of the nomads, and exiling him.


For as long as anyone can remember, the Goldtongue family have held immense wealth within their grasp. This clan of wealthy traders migrated to Kalimdor, when humans first settled the land, and eventually found their way to the golden deserts of Tanaris, where they befriended the various Goblin merchants who had claimed the land.

Keridara was born at sea, on the voyage to Kalimdor, and grew up amidst dunes and oases.

She lived the majority of her teenage years as more of a prize to her father than a daughter, and was groomed to become a trophy wife. Despite this, Keridara showcased immense aptitude for business, which far exceeded her older brother's intellect and cunning.

She was entered into an arranged marriage with the son of the leader of a rival merchant band, but her husband was ultimately slain in the pirate attack that took her father, when Wastewander bandits raided their settlement.

The Goldtongue nomads should then have been inherited by her brother, but Keridara rose up against him, and seized control of the merchant group with the help of hired sell-swords.

In the years that followed, Keridara bolstered her family business by branching out into the rest of Azeroth, and expanding the reach of the nomad's beyond Kalimdor.

Establishing shops in Ironforge and Stormwind, using the funds of the Goldtongue nomads, Keridara took advantage of the Deeprun tram, and began funnelled goods between the two cities with ease.

This saw her already substantial wealth swell even further.

Keridara now spends her time travelling between Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, making profit wherever she can, and living a lifestyle of extreme over-indulgence.

Under her devious leadership, the Goldtongue Merchant Family have returned to a level of success and affluence that they have not known since the fall of Lordaeron.

Family BackgroundEdit

Keridara's line is one of prosperous merchant "kings", tracing back as far as the Empire of Arathor.

Criminal RecordEdit

Arrested after an altercation with the Stormwind Guard.

Personal NotesEdit

The only overweight character EVER. True story.

Current StatusEdit

Enjoying the finer things in life.


Chaotic Neutral

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