Name[edit | edit source]

Kettle Tahleqhah... 'Little Crow'

Race[edit | edit source]


Gender[edit | edit source]


Age[edit | edit source]


Alignment[edit | edit source]

Neutral Good... Kettle has a somewhat individualistic and flexible moral standpoint with regards to 'personal' property. She tends to champion the underdog, and strives for fairness and equality... although she harbours a deep animosity towards Humans.  

Class[edit | edit source]


Occupation[edit | edit source]

Journeyman Basketweaver

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Kettle has a birthmark on her right foot resembling a small birds claw

Pets/Companions[edit | edit source]

Noteable Skills[edit | edit source]

Kettle is a passionate artist, she has a raw talent and can render life like pictures of animals and people.

Family[edit | edit source]

Kettle was born illegitimate with her twin sister Mitra. Her mother Hedda died when she was still in her early childhood, killed by brigands, Mitra and Kettle were injured but survived hidden in a nearby tree, they watched as their mother was slain.

Background[edit | edit source]

Kettle was born into relative poverty raised with her twin sister Mitra she learnt to work hard for what little she had. She has no knowledge of her father and spent her early childhood proving her worth to others.

Personal Notes[edit | edit source]

Kettle is teatotal, and abstains totaly from drink.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Water like words are easy to pour... imposible to recover

Status[edit | edit source]

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