Khallid before

Khallid before he died


Khallid (it is spelt diffrently in game)


Khallid's face is rotten away and he is bold with flacky blueish skin.

Race and ClassEdit

Forsaken Priest


Scarlet Martyr


Crusader of The Scarlet Missonary.


Father: Luke Sigil [Presumed dead]

Mother: Kate jones [Presumed dead]

Wife: Nalia Sigil [Deceased] - Murdered by Arthas's men.

Daughter: Imoen Sigil [alive]


Khallid was born and raised at lorderon he is the father to Imoen and unfortuntly was killed by the hands of Hejin. Imoen placed his body in the arathi Highlands awaiting to hold a proper buryial with Elizabetha by her side, Unfortuntly for Khallid he un knowinly doomed Imoen to a future of maddness and despair. Now he has been reborn to serve his sentece he is immortal until he has told Imoen his told Imoen that he is her true father.


Khallid is a man of many secrets, he started his life in the icolated city of Gilneas there he lived with his father until the orcs came and attacked Azeroth, since then Khallid decided to pick up whatever resources he could and defend his home.

His father on the other hand didn't want his only son to go running off into what would be his death, in time Khallid grew impatient and secretly left home leaving a note to tell him he wouldn't let his home fall.

Soon Khallid went to Strathome to become one of the legendary new soliders of that era, a paladin. His trainning in combat took time but his powers in wielding the light was always his strongest ability.

At the Church of Stathomle he met his wife to be Nalia a high elven priestess who resided there. He was amazed of her attitude and her lack of arogance like the rest of her kin. Soon they were both given a task, to destory the horde's latest soldier a creature made from the fallen soldiers and then possesed by a orc warlock they were known as Death knights.

Soon Khallid along his travels met many friends and foes and soon he was leader of a Death Knight hunter band they soon became well known threw out the small towns of Lorderon.

In time Nalia and Khallid's realtionship grew until they soon fell in love and married on the battle field, unofficaly. During their wedding a carrier approached them and told them of a great Deathknight who's name was feared amoung the people of Lorderon and warned them that if he managed to get into Lorderon he may turn the tides of the war.

Beliving that this death knight would be like any other they set out to destory the deathknight, when they saw the death knight they realised what it was that made him so powerfull, he was a brillant tactian and even managed to capture Khallid and his companions.

They were held in an underground cavern a place only the death knight knew, during his torture the death knight told Khallid that he had the power of a god and was unkillable, when he finally got the infomation he needed from Khallid and found out about the alliance's fear of him getting to Lorderon he simply laughed and told Khallid he had no intention to go there but to find Nalia.

One of Khallid's companions who was Nalia's essentric brother Thondire, managed to use his magic to escape and free the rest of his companions. When the deathknight found out about this he let Khallid go, much to his confusion.

When he returned to his wife and companions and told them of being set free some were confused by this and some even suspected that Khallid had struck a deal with the deathknight. But in time Khallid thought of a plan to destory the death knight once and for all to hopefully stop whatever plans he had.

They went to the village of Southshore and got a small force of soliders to help them storm the cave, when they stormed the cave the entrace blew up behind them sealing them from within, this of course set his companions against him beliving him to of sent them to their deaths.

But unknowing to the Death knight he had made a bad move, he had set Khallid's companions against him and his wife but the squad he left behind also didn't apperiate to be left to die in the cave and turned on the Death knight revealing his plot to Khallid.

Khallid found out that the Death knight was going around Azeroth collecting lost artifacts that a voice told him about, one in paticular was a book that could bring the world to a end destorying it with a metorite.

With the new news Khallid and Nalia called apon the light to guide them out of the cave to save Azeroth, Nalia then told him she could sense a clearing and with this keen sense they found their way out of the cave.

They let the orcs go on one condition, they show them the book. The orcs gladly showed them the way and Khallid and his companions stormed the crypt and ultimately destroied the deathknight, however it came at a cost.

A few days later Nalia revealed that she was pregnant but was scared that she may loose the baby due to her wounds from the deathknight encounter. They made their way Scholomance to find out the news of their unborn child, the results weren't as good as they had hoped. The child was cryticaly wounded due to an attack of the Deathknight and the doctor told her that the child may die if they do not act quick.

Nalia went into care and was under the priests healing magic for many weeks until the good news came, the child was back to full health and a few months after the second war Imoen was born.

The aftermath of the Second war hit Khallid hard, he returned to Gilneas only to find a wall had been built to keep him out for good and to his sorrow his father played a part in this, he tried to tell his father of his deeds and to at least have his father to meet his now granddaughter but he never spoke to him.

When he returned to Nalia she told him that most of his companions had gone their seprate ways and her brother had decided to study a book he had stolen from the crypts to try and learn of it's power.

When he descovered it's secret he called the rest of his companions to see it for themselves, to their horror when they saw looked into the book it showed them all how they would die. At first Khallid was angry at Thondire for showing them this and told them it was to be destoried but he then told them that if the death knight had this book it could be that he most likely wasn't dead yet and that perhaps they had a more grand scheme they had walked into.

With this warning Khallid spent more time trainning as a paladin, in time this became more of a way to get away from his daughter. Soon Khallid slipped into a deppression and after Imoen's first birthday he felt that his connection to his daughter was gone and when he told Nalia of this she tried to help him but it was to late for Khallid and soon he left Nalia and stayed in his own quarters in Strathomle.

He may not of wanted to be near Imoen but he still loved his wife dearly and he used to give her money as often as he could. His masters often spoke to him about the way he had left Imoen but he rarely spoke of it and the discussion often remained behind closed doors. His friend that traveled with him such as Ray's mother and father tried to reason with Khallid but he wouldn't ever speak to them about it.

As the years past Khallid's guilt of leaving Imoen with no father, started to effect his work and his connection to the light started to fade. When he consorted his masters they told him that he must learn not to be selfish like his own father and be there for Imoen. Khallid words were "You are right friend...but...there is more to it than just my father leaving me." When asked what that was he wouldn't say telling them it was "complicated". His masters got worried of their promising student and went to Nalia to try and make sense of it all.

Nalia explained that Khallid has always been a man who had secrets and he kept them for good reasons, she still considered him to be her husband despite his five year absense. When Khallid's master asked her what she was going to do she told him that despite her fathers absense from her life she belives that he will come to her when she needs him the most and she can't, confused by her words the master nodded and left her be thinking it was best not to pry in Khallid's private life.

Ten years past and Khallid still hadn't spoken to Imoen, he used to watch her from time to time wanting to speak to her but never finding the courage to. Nalia would usualy see him in person expressing her growing concern of Imoen and her new lover Ryan, she spoke of his violent beaviour and cuts and bruises on Imoen from time to time where she had "Fallen over" Khallid agreed to look into the man.

Soon Nalia's patience with Khallid began to run thin when Imoen chopped off the tips of her ears off to make herself be "accepted" she blammed Khallid's selfishness. She had no time for secrets and when she finally got him to talk he told her when Thonrdire showed him the book he saw Imoen kill him. Nalia upset told him that if Khallid doesn't start looking after Imoen she may go down this road.

Khallid went to where Imoen was staying and told her that he was her councilor to be someone she could turn to if she ever needed anyone, Imoen smiled at Khallid for the first time and told him that she would keep in touch.

Imoen went to Khallid a few times telling him mostly about how she never knew her father and that she felt she didn't love her and that Ryan was the only man who has loved her truly, Khallid's action had returned to haunt him and when he asked about Ryan she told him about him telling her about her ears being a clear sign of her elven heritage.

Khallid furious at this told her that being an elf wasn't wrong, that she should respect her mother's blood and that she was the strongest out of her two bloods, Imoen didn't like this and stormed off in a rage and never came back to him.

Then the plague started and anouther war began. Soon Andorhal came under siege and was under heavy Scourge attack Khallid thought the worst and went to aid Andorhal along with Uther and the rest of the paladins.

Fortunately Nalia took Imoen into the capital city of Lorderon telling him that she heard herself talk about Andorhals fall before she died, this told Khallid two things that Andorhal would fall and that his wifes death would be soon. Deterimend to save her he tried to get her out of the lands of Lorderon but she told him that this was how she would go and that if she died Imoen wouldn't be able to escape as she saw also in the book.

When Arthas betrayed Lorderon and to destroy all the lands around it Khallid paniced and tried to save Nalia, when he rode to Lorderon he saw Imoen being attacked by undead he saved her and went to take her away to Andorhal, she told him that her mother had been slain by some undead.

Khallid left Imoen with Ryan beliving this was her best bet and went to moarn his wifes death but unknowingly he had put Imoen in a death trap and the next morning he saw her screaming towards him whilst an undead Ryan running after, he slew him and took Imoen to a nearby wagon there they rode off towards Stormwind to escape, a few wagons joined them and even though the Scourge tried to stop them they luckily managed to escape the onslaught.

After a few days Imoen didn't speak a word and she looked unhealthy thinking the worst he checked for any signs of the plague but didn't find any, it slowly came clear that Imoen's mind wasn't ready for what had just happened.

When they reached Northshire Khallid was treated as a second war hero and he and Imoen were given a room to stay in. Soon Imoen was asked if she would be a soldier and fight the scourge though Khallid didn't want Imoen to have any combat trainning due to his vision, he reluctionly gave in seeing Imoen wanting to fight.

As the years past by Imoen slowly got her voice and the two finally became Daughter and father, though Khallid still feeling shame for him leaving Imoen for all those years and when she told him that she belived Arthas was her father he took the chance to pin his blame on him.

Seeing his daughter become a adventurer like he was when he was young brought joy to the old man's heart and when she joinned the Crusade he was even more overjoyied that she was following his footsteps.

However when her friend Hejin started to see ghosts, Imoen called Khallid to help him. He told her he would help, he brought Hejin to his rented house in Stormwind and began to clense him. He failed however and whatever had a hold over Hejin prevailed and killed Khallid in cold blood. Hejin beliving he had to kill more for whatever dark reasons tried to lure Elizabetha in a trap to slay her without him knowing. Hejin failed and retreated, in his final moments Khallid couldn't help but be a bit confused, it was Imoen who was supposed to kill him not her friend, regardless he knew Imoen wasn't strong enough to deal with his death and asked Elizabetha to take care of her as a guardian.

When Khallid died his body was brought back to the Andorhal to become one with the Scourge but luckily a Undead scarlet invasion saved him and when he turned around and realised what he had became he slowly went mad.

Many months past as Khallid would go around the horde cities asking people if they would murder the Scourge, until one day he got a calling and made his way to the graveyard just outside Andorhal where he heard Imoen's scream coming from a crypt.

When he looked inside the crypt he saw that Ryan had not yet died and was torturing Imoen, he grabbed a sword and slew Ryan once and for all. He then regained a small part of his sanity as he stared at Imoen's scared blue eyes, he told her who he was and finally revealed to her that he was her real father and that he found it hard to love her because of his father.

He then saw the book of the dead in Ryan's hands and told her that she must destory the book and that she shouldn't look in it. Imoen knew that there was more to her father and knew that it wasn't the real reason he found it so hard to love her and she was right even though Khallid had done as the book told him there was anouther reason he found it so hard to love her but that is a story for anouther time.

Current StatusEdit

Khallid was lead by fate to find Imoen all the time he was asking people to Consider joinned him they went into the Graveyard near Uther's tomb and it was there he heard Imoen's scream, when he came to her aid he saw Ryan Imoen's olf fiancee and slew him to defend Imoen.

As he was the only one who could kill Ryan due to a paticular test he was given, he saw Imoen with an evil artifact and knew that he was responsible for Imoen's pain.

He made Imoen promise him to firstly destroy her sword and Ryan's diary. The truth is, is that the book wasn't his diary at all but something much more evil.

His next request was to kill him to end his suffering as part of the forsaken, Imoen didn't want to kill her own father but eventually forced herself to do it.

Now Khallid is finaly at peace however for some reason in heaven he cannot find his wife...Nalia...

Khallid now

Khallid in the present

Influences used to make KhallidEdit

Ok guilty as charged I have used yet anouther Baldur's gate name, back then I was only just getting used to RPing so I used the first name that came to my head which was Khallid. My Khallid is nothing like the orignal at all his Human personlity came from Baldur's gate but he was Gorion who was the main characters foster father but as the story went on I obviously realised Arthas being Imoen's father was daft so I made him her father. Anyway his insane side came from me, Maggie's alt (at least I think it was) told me to guard this elf and "make her consider" so I just played with those words. Then I thought what if I make something that is a good deed sound like a wrong deed, such as killing the scourge. So I used many evil sounding words such as "Butcher, Slaughter, Murder" and asked random people if they would "Murder the Scourge". It was an intrestning out come and very funny at times to see how they reacted.

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